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Holiday season is the time to shine! Find these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular at Brooklyn Expo Center on December 9 and 10.



This adorable bear necklace is just one of many: Eunyoung of Baubou designs all different pieces of jewelry, such as eye necklaces, wink brooches, and gemstone rings. No matter which one you choose, these simple and elegant pieces are all made in Eunyoung's studio here in New York.



Hey there, showstopper! These rainbow swoop earrings are as colorful and bold as your attitude, and Zoa Chimerum is here to turn up the volume. Biomorphic, handmade jewelry is what Zoa Chimerum uses to provide these unique accessories.


 Eye see you, girl. This protective eye ring and other handcrafted jewelry from Elaan Greenfield are needed this holiday season.


 Drop in on family and friends with this necklace crafted with a pearl from Awaji Island, Japan. Tessa Bridge Designs offers beautiful jewelry pieces with a focus on the small details.



 What better way to show your fierceness than with this tiger necklace? Statement pieces are one of Micha Designs' specialties, so get ready to serve looks this year!


Stand out with these bold earrings from Dee De Lara, and swing your way into this year’s convos.


 These bracelets speak for themselves — literally! Spiral down to wonderland with these hand-stamped braceletS made by Papyrusaurus.


 Ramble Rose hand-crafted this beautiful choker, with the labradorite stone serving to strengthen your intuitions and imagination.


 Take it to space with this bracelet. Kate Koel provides out of this world jewelry, incorporating constellations and galaxies into pieces built to bedazzle.


 Whether you want one bracelet, or to stack them up, Decidedly So has designed this white quartz bracelet to accentuate your style.


Find these vendors and more at this year's Bust Craftacular Holiday @ Brooklyn Expo Center!


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11 Hibernation Essentials For When It's Cold As F*ck Outside  broadcity 37c2c

It's officially cold as fuck outside, so it's time to stock up on hibernation essentials so you never have to leave your apartment or even your bed. Shop these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn on December 9 and 10 — get more info here.  

Holiday Spirit Essential Oil Duo by Body & Soul Naturals$22.00

Deck the halls and cozy up your wintery haven with essential oils crafted for the holidays.  Body & Soul believes in the “power and colors of Mother Nature” and uses all chemical-free, natural products to provide this to you! Essential oils, aromatherapy soaps, and hand creams are offered to provide proper relaxation and relief to you. Be sure to check out their blog for advice on how to use their products in your everyday life!


Sukie the Sloth by Emergolde, $50.00

No one is too old for cuddles, and what better companion for a Netflix marathon than Sukie the Sloth? She’s entirely hand embroidered and vegan. Emergolde is ran by Elizabeth Swing, and she is all about treasuring childhood and keeping imagination alive for those of all age. Sewing has been something she’s done her whole life and started designing toys when she was nannying. It’s definitely worth scrolling through the pictures of all these creations.

Ode to Los Angeles Blanket by Goodnight June, $85.00


In the midst of your hibernation, you might be called on to babysit, and what better way to introduce your minion to the wonders of cocooning yourself up with a mug of hot chocolate than with this little collection blanket inspired by the Pacific Ocean? Goodnight June uses its background of 10 years of graphic design experience to make blankets for comfy family time. Coming from a philosophy of loving what you’re living with, there’s not much more to love than celebrating the small joy of giving. Plus, proceeds go to help families in need. Be sure to warm your heart as well as your little one: you can see what good you’re spreading on


Product Sample Gift Set by Harriette Co, $28.00

Self-isolation equates self-care, right? Since we’re no longer baring all in the summer, it’s time to dump the razors and just groom our hair that naturally grows in any way.  Harriette Co is the first body hair care line that’s been created to take care of that. Allow your brows and lashes to grow in abundance with this Fringe Balm. Harriette Co also supplies pubic hair shampoo and oil and uses all plant-based products to keep sensitive body parts well-looked after. Join the feminine beauty revolution, and care for your hair instead of merely removing it.


Bookends by Albesque Art$75.00

Winter season means bundling up with books season, and while you’re curling up with your newest escape, you absolutely need these bookends inspired by paper silhouettes to keep your other titles, like these books by women, lined up. Albesque is a design and consultancy company that works to create unique pieces of work that have been used in homes, weddings, and fashion. Functional objects working with visual patterns is what art designer Mahtab Pedrami specializes in, and her work can be found with companies like Anthropologie. Her wedding exhibitions are breathtaking.

Rabati Pillow by Atlas Showroom, $75.00

Vamp up your pillow fort with this pillow designed by Moroccan artisans embroidered with silk. Atlas Showroom focuses on introducing North America to the beauty of handcrafted Moroccan goods: carpets, textiles, furniture, and more. The artisans have practiced their craft for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, and these authentic creations carry that bold history with each piece of work. Atlas Showroom specifically sources from 4 regions: Taznakht, Marrakesh, Fez, and Safi. Don’t forget to scroll through their Instagram to see which goods catch your attention.

Dogwood Ice Cream Bowl by Clay Wanderer, $33.00

This gorgeous bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe. Clay Wanderer makes products for all budgets, with pieces inspired by dinosaurs, mermaids, bones, octopi, nature and more.


Two-Pack Alpaca Wool Socks by Mercardo Peru, $45.00

These colorful socks are soft as cashmere and made by New York-based makers Michelle Peglau and Andrea Bocchio.

Personalized Journal by Handmade NYC

You can choose the color, pattern, size and paper designs for these journals. 

Mugs by Ceramicism

Brooklyn-based Dustin Barzell handmakes these pieces one at a time.


Warm Wishes Orb by Turbo Masala, $25.00


These holiday orbs have a natural style with elegance and simplicity, inspired by nature and made by hand. 


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11 Rings For All Styles And Budgets ring 4160a

Cuffing szn is here, but forget all that when you can rock these rings designed for every stylish badass out there! Find them all, plus more, at the BUST Craftacular on December 9th and 10th at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Galaxy Ring by Kate Koel, $54.00


This beautiful ring is out of this world, and its galactic design is handmade, created with pyrite, glass crystals, and eco-resin, and each is made to order. Kate Koel designs jewelry with a little bit of herself in everything she creates and works to include her hopes and dreams in her work.


Atom Ring by Mesc Designs, $65.00


This atomic ring is essential for all nerds, and the labradorite stone in the center is sure to catch all eyes. Mesc Designs is created by Mary E.S. Cox from Philadelphia, and she uses nature and natural materials as her influence. She “appreciates how pieces interact with wearers” and her jewelry and art designs definitely showcase this!


Infinity Ring by Elyse Designs, $35.00


This subtle, minimalistic ring by Courtney Miller’s Elyse Designs is one of her edgy and elegant creations. Having a passion for fine art, Elyse Designs focuses on using metalsmithing and experiences making jewelry with cement and patina.


Feather Ring by Amy Fine Design, $48.00


Float on from fall into winter with the adorb feather ring, and choose whether you’d like a black or brown base. Amy Fine Design was created with an obsession with jewelry designing that goes back 15 years, and Amy views color designs the same as being a kid in a candy shop!


Wholeness, Love, and Happiness rings by AuH2O, $10.00, $12.00, $10.00


Use these words of wisdom on your hands as a reminder to make every day a happy one full of love to balance the highs and lows. Vintage is a must for every budget, and AuH2O is a curated thrift and vintage boutique based in East Village that provides that. Owner Kate Goldwater features recycled handpicked clothing, shoes, and accessories to fit every style. Even better, more stuff is under $25, and she even features $5 and $10 racks! Macklemore has nothing on this.


Vampire's Ball Ring by 5one7 Design, $48.00

Catch attention with this unique, handmade ring that is made per order! New Jersey-based designer Danielle Petoukoff started making jewelry in 2008 and created 5one7 Design where she focuses on hammered brass celestial designs. You should check out her Instagram for her latest creations.

Vintage Turquoise Ring by Maren Dunn Studio, $75.00 


Jazz and class up any outfit with this stunning ring, featuring amethyst and turquoise, and a vintage silver base believed to be from the 70’s. There’s definitely something alluring about wearing something with a mysterious, secret history behind it. Maren Dunn Studio also creates beautiful healing jewelry, incorporating chakra stones and crystals in her various necklace, rings, and bracelets.


Cin Ring by Mary Gallagher, $185.00


Having pretty jewelry is one thing, and having a ring that you take part in the design by choosing all the components you’d like is another. You choose your material and stone from choices like garnet, blue moon quartz, and more. Mary Gallagher found inspiration from New England beauty and history, and enjoys nature with its symmetry decay: there’s something graceful about a fallen bird or a receding coastline. Mary’s influence of symbolism religion can be found in her creations, and all pieces are made right in Brooklyn!


Ring 70 byFleurs Jolie, $35.00

Allow this ring to do all the talking for you, because what speaks louder than Swarovski rhinestones on a handcrafted rose?! Fleurs Jolie recognizes that everyone has something special about themselves, and works to create jewelry that emphasizes that. Inspiration is found in sunsets, and her design style is making button jewelry from the 1930’s-50’s. For those that inquire about these rings, all floral jewelry has been made with vintage acetate flowers that were imported from Japan during the '50s!

 Check out these vendors and countless more at Bust's Annual Holiday Craftacular @ Brooklyn Expo Center! Tickets are available online, make sure to see which of the 100s of Creative Living classes being offered interest you the most, and get ready to get down to a female-fronted music festival!


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How Victorian Women Kept Those Fancy Dresses Clean  

victoria 1e2f1

In the Victorian era, women’s clothing was just as likely to spot, stain, and soil as it is today. For fine fabrics, this posed a particular dilemma. Ladies couldn’t simply throw their printed muslin dresses into a washing machine or send their silk ball gowns to the dry cleaners. Instead, they relied on their lady’s maids to keep their clothing clean and in good order. Not only would a competent lady’s maid know how to sponge and press a gown for wear, she would also know precisely how to wash a delicate muslin or remove an oil stain from silk.

Washing Printed Muslin

muslin 1f189Journal Des Jeunes Personnes, 1863. (Met Museum)

Dresses of printed muslin were very popular during the nineteenth century. These dresses could be washed, but if the fabric was patterned or printed, great care had to be taken to preserve the colors. For this reason, it was inadvisable for a muslin dress to be washed in hot water. Soap, when applied directly to the fabric, was equally harmful. Instead, the 1856 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book recommends that a lady’s maid:

“Make a lather by boiling some soap and water together; let it stand until it is sufficiently cool for use, and previously to putting the dress into it, throw in a handful of salt.”

After soaking, the muslin dress would go through a double rinse in “clear cold water” and salt. The dress was then carefully wrung out and hung to dry with the folds spread “as open as possible” so that no part of the dress was lying over another part.

Removing Ordinary Stains From Silk

silk baa2dLes Modes Parisiennes, 1858. (Met Museum)

The process of cleaning silk dresses was a bit more complicated than simply washing the fabric in soap and water. To remove ordinary stains, a lady’s maid generally employed some variety of spot solution. The 1861 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book describes one such solution comprised of:

“Quarter of a pound of honey; quarter of a pound of soft soap; two wineglasses of gin; three gills of boiling water.”

These ingredients were mixed well and left to stand until the solution was “blood-warm.” It could then be applied to the silk with a small brush, with special attention to stains or spots of dirt. A lady’s maid would next use a sponge to “wet the whole breadth of fabric” and to rub gently over the soiled areas. With the cleaning completed, the silk dress could be rinsed in “cold soft water” and hung up to drain. As for drying, the 1861 edition of Beeton’s Book of Household Management states that:

“Silks, when washed, should be dried in the shade, on a linen-horse, taking care that they are kept smooth and unwrinkled.”

As a final step, a lady’s maid would iron the dress while it was still damp. However, if the dress was black or dark blue, Beeton’s advises that, once dry, the dress should be spread out over a table and “sponged with gin, or whiskey, or other white spirit.”

Removing Oil Stains From Silk, Satin, And Velvet

modenzeitung 8a068Allgemeine Modenzeitung, 1861. (Met Museum)

Stubborn stains, such as those from oil, could be treated with a number of substances, depending on preference. These substances included turpentine, benzene, gasoline, magnesia, French chalk, chloroform, pipe clay, and even the yolk of an egg or the juice of a raw potato. The 1909 edition of Household Discoveries advises that a lady’s maid:

“Lay the stained article flat on a smooth surface and apply the cleansing fluid with a small sponge, toothbrush, or nailbrush, unless otherwise directed, until the stain is removed.”

When using gasoline or benzene, the cleaning solution was applied not only to the spot, but also to “a rather large circle around it.” A lady’s maid would then “rub outward from the center with quick, firm strokes.” If the benzene left a stain, it could be held under the steam of a teakettle until the stain disappeared.

Grease spots could also be rubbed out with “a lump of wet magnesia.” When dry, the magnesia could be dusted off the fabric. Another alternative, was to cover a grease spot with a liberal application of French chalk. Brown paper was then placed over the chalk and smoothed with a hot iron. According to Household Discoveries, “the iron will melt the grease and the chalk and paper will absorb it.”

In a slight variation of the above, the 1869 edition of Godey’s recommends that French chalk and lavender water be mixed together to form a thick paste. The paste was applied to the stain and rubbed gently into the fabric with the fingers. It was then covered with “a sheet of clean blotting-paper and brown paper over it” and smoothed with an iron. When dry, the remaining chalk could be dusted off with “a white handkerchief.”

Pipe clay was another method for removing oil stains from fine fabric. The powdered clay was moistened with water until it formed a thick cream. The 1863 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book reports that it was then:

“…laid on the stain, and left to dry some hours, then lightly scraped or rubbed off with a knife or flannel, so as not to injure the surface.”

If the pipe clay dried to a light color, it meant that the oil stain had been removed. Pipe clay was safe to use on most fabrics and, according to Godey’s, “will not injure the most delicate tints of silk or paper.”

Removing Stains from Mourning Dresses of Crape and Bombazine

mourning 7565aMagasin des Demoiselles, 1869. (Met Museum)

When cleaning dark fabrics, like the black crapes and bombazines used for mourning dresses, a lady’s maid often employed a solution made of fig leaves. The 1869 edition of Godey’s reports that this solution could be obtained by boiling “a handful of fig leaves in two quarters of water until reduced to a pint.” This solution was then applied to the fabric with a sponge.

Washing Lace Collars, Cuffs, And Trim

modesparisiennes e8f32Les Modes Parisiennes, 1861. (Met Museum)

On a Victorian lady’s gown, the collar and cuffs were generally soiled long before the rest of the dress. When made of cotton or muslin, it was easy enough to remove them and have them laundered. However, when collar and cuffs were made of lace, the process for washing them was a bit more difficult. For this reason, the 1861 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book advises that every lady “should know how to wash her own thread lace.”

The first step was to remove the lace from the gown. According to Godey’s, a lady must then “roll the lace very smoothly and securely round a clean black bottle” and “tack each end of the lace with a needle and thread to keep it smooth.” Once the lace was on the bottle, it was thoroughly sponged with “sweet oil” and then soaked in a wash kettle containing “clear water and white Castile soap.”

Godey’s recommended that a lady leave the lace to boil in the sudsy water for “an hour or more” until the lace was “clean and white all through” The suds were then drained off and the lace was left to dry in the sun. Once dry, the lace—depending on its size—could be wrapped around a ribbon-block or placed between two sheets of white paper and pressed flat in a large book.


A few final words…

musee e8551Musee Des Famille, 1852. (Met Museum)

There was no single way to spot clean a Victorian gown. Many lady’s maids had their own special mixtures, perhaps some secret combination of turpentine, benzene, or chalk. Caring for the fine fabrics of their mistress’s gowns was as much a part of their job as knowing the latest hairstyles in which to style their mistress’s hair. I hope this article has given you some little insight into how they did it.

Top photo via Victoria/ITV

This post originally appeared on and is reprinted here with permission.

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11 Unique Gifts You'll Just Want To Keep For Yourself static1.squarespace copy


When you're doing some holiday shopping, don't forget to buy a gift for yourself! You can find these unique vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular on December 9th and 10th at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 


1.Beetle Wing Earrings (M) by Tavia Sanza, $32.00



Made out of real beetle wings (you read that right!), these tiny statement pieces will catch every passerby's attention. Tavia Sanza has been part of the Craftacular fam for a long time. Her Brooklyn-based designs are truly one-of-a-kind, from rings to crowns; her handmade jewelry is made out of free-form wire wrapping, so each individual piece is unique. In addition to this, you can design your own custom-made statement piece. You can sign up for her classes at Brooklyn Charm or Unarthodox in December through her website. Her editorial pieces have been featured in magazines and runways, so you definitely won't want to miss the to chance cop one of these treasures.  


2. Scented Jasmine Molecule Necklace by Sorcery Science, $21.99

il 570xN.1320145141 cgsq 

Jasmine has a rejuvenating scent that has been linked with spirituality and healing properties. This necklace is perfect for those who love a bit of chemistry and some sweet, sweet floral vibes. Carrie and Joe, the designers behind this sweetly scented specimen, operate as the right and left brain of Sorcery Science, respectively. Each piece is laser-cut and made out of stainless-steel, acrylic, or wood. They feature many different molecules such as serotonin, estrogen, and caffeine- and yes, the caffeine one smells like coffee!


3. Slut? Cross Stitch by My Big Pink Crafty Box, $15.00

il 570xN.620198387 1u7e

Slut? Little ol' me? Reclaim your slut-dom with this adorable cross stitch. My Big Pink Crafty Box features many different feminist and body-positive pieces, such as vulva pillows and ornaments, in her Etsy shop (and super adorable pictures of her cat). She is not only a designer! Her Twitter (@FerociaLaDyke) and Instagram (@open_tampon) features her activism that combats the stigma towards tampons through the hashtag #justatampon. We agree — in her words: open carry, no shame!


4. Queen of Hearts Glasses by House of Correia, $124.00

626LADYproduct 05

These upcycled glasses with vintage appliques will be your crowning glory. House of Correia is a Brooklyn-based company that is taking a stand against fast fashion through sustainable practices. Fast fashion is one of the top pollutants in the world. House of Correia combats this though re-using vintage pieces that have been broken or discarded to upgrade their pieces to create something glam and fab. Each piece is original and inimitable, but most importantly they are gentle to Mother Nature. Stand out against carbon-copy accessories with these ah-mazing sunnies and support ethical business practices. 


5. Satellite Cuff by Forge and Finish, $140.00


This cuff has crushed pyrite, which is a protective stone that stimulates the second and third chakras which are the foundation of the emotional body and allows enables us to pick up vibrations from outside forces, respectively. Forge and Finish, based in Philadelphia, is a union between a trio of jewelry designers: Desiree Casimiro, Emily Kane & Carly Mayer. They embrace modernity through keeping with timeless practices, which is shown in their stunning and minimalist pieces. This indie brand has all the pieces that will spruce up any outfit in your wardrobe.


6. Knuckle Ring by Maiko Suzuki, $75.00


Minimalist, yet badass — and it's custom-made! Maiko Suzuki's designs are handmade in Harlem, New York City. Her work is described to be like small works of art, and we agree! Suzuki's rings stand out and resemble miniature sculptures to be adorned onto your fingers. After moving to New York City when she was seventeen years old, it is clear that the NYC aesthetic has inspired many of her pieces, such as the Skull, Cut Cross, and Biking rings. Her Instagram (@maikosuzuki) features more of her newer designs, such as the Skull Palm Cuff which we are fawning over here at BUST HQ.


7. Wooden Pallet with Glass Bottles by Artisan Gallery Framers, $35.00

Screen Shot 2017 08 22 at 3.33.02 PM

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to spruce up your small apartment. Make use of all of that wall space with these floating mason jar vases. Artisan Gallery Framers helps you to bring life to your walls through a line of original watercolor paintings, photography prints, and wooden wall art. Fat Chipmunk Studios collaborated with AGF to create a one-of-a-kind wall accent, with each piece made with different palettes of wood. Artisan Gallery Framers prides themselves on their specialty in conservation framing, which is a technique that protects their materials from negative environmental facts (air pollution, light, heat, and humidity) and alters them as little as possible. 


8. Affirmation Chakra Oils by Strawberry Hedgehog, $25.00 each, or $157.00 for a set

IMG 1802

During these trying times, take the time to be mindful and align your energies with these chakra oils that are available individually or as a set. Strawberry Hedgehog specializes in soaps and other bath and body products with a bonus: They're all vegan! Although veganism is seen as a trend by some, this company has been providing quality vegan products for more than a decade. Owner and founder Tracy Perkins runs Strawberry Hedgehog as a "one-woman show." She is vocally against animal cruelty and works as a professor at her local community college to teach students about sustainable practices.


9. Brown Winking Eyes Patch by Wildflower + Co., $5.95

TR00109BRNOS Winking Eyes Iron On Patch Wildflower Co Single 71183.1477678519.1280.1280

Do you remember when we used to sing sha la la la la la la la la la la te da, my brown eyed girl? Iron-on patches are such an easy way to spruce up any accessory, from hats to jackets. Wildflower + Co. has so many different patches, pins, and charms to add flair to any outfit. Wildflowers serve as an inspiration for this collective of DIYers. They encourage us, and other makers, to get messy and create beauty. Wildflower + Co. has a DIY blog you can follow for all sorts of crafts such as charm jewelry, heat embossing, home decor, and iron-on patches.


10. Disco Skater Dress by MessQueen, $88.00

il 570xN.1088675774 9nfr

Disco will never die, especially when you rock this golden dress. MessQueen can be seen as the Godmother of all leggings. They have been designing and selling printed leggings in 2007, and have been featured in several music videos, worn by legendary drag queen Laganja Estranja, and featured in publications like the New York Times. Ten years later MessQueen expanded their line to feature harem pants, dresses, and bodysuits. Each design is handmade in Brooklyn and they don't let a drop of fabric go to waste! MessQueen creates drink koozies and turban headbands out of excess fabric. Their Tumblr showcases the fun they have all over the city with the MessQueen fam. 


11. Nasty Woman Tee by Pitchforks + Torches, $20.00

Nasty woman W ShirtMockup

Nasty women unite with this tee! What is amazing about this shirt is that 30% of all profits go to the ACLU. Pitchforks + Torches is a place where "all are safe" — except for Nazis. There are several products in their store that have a percentage profits go towards the ACLU. Their politically charged graphic t-shirts are all screen-printed and with original designs. Apart from Barry's political prints, he also offers artistic tees and portraits that are available as stickers and posters, as well.    


Header photo credits: MessQueen, Pitchforks + TorchesWildflower + Co. & Forge and Finish


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San Antonio's Hello Tallulah Is Your New Favorite Retro Boutique hello 11 4fb13

Former BUST Contributing Editor Kristina Uriegas-Reyes is bringing her whimsical, pastel-filled taste from her blog Twee Valley High right to your closet. Her new boutique, Hello Tallulah, located in San Antonio, TX, opened November 16. As Uriegas-Reyes promises, there's something for everyone.

"It is important that I carry a variety of sizes. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel fabulous in something unique," she said. Along with writing, blogging, and, of course, thrift shopping, Uriegas-Reyes has spent time modelling for plus-size clothing service Gwynnie Bee. "I want to make vintage feel special, but accessible."

The boutique's name comes from her puppy, Tallulah. Uriegas-Reyes wants Hello Tallulah to become "a welcoming wonderland of whimsy," full of affordable dresses, sparkly jewelry, and colorful charm.

Check out Hello Tallulah's website, or follow the store on Instagram @hello_tallulah. Hello Tallulah is located at 1912 Fredericksburg Rd. in San Antonio.

helloBUST1 efe05

helloBUST3 b18cd


 helloBUST2 28027

hello 76 6a744


helloBUST5 a1c47

helloBUST6 316d8

helloBUST4 0785c

hello 69 0fc16

All photos by Mary Pitt

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7 Tote Bags For When You Want To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve  

mermaid277147 bags 03131

In the busy routine of a modern woman, tote bags are a life-saver. You can store anything in them, from notebooks and laptops to chargers, lipsticks, and even a change of shoes. These seven bags speak for themselves, and are the best way to serve feminist sass without saying a word.

"I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart; I am, I am, I am," wrote Sylvia Plath in The Bell Jar, and we think that is always good advice.

2. Down the Rabbit Hole Zip Tote by Le Mondeur, $90

Le Mondeur (n.): Person of the world. This rabbit hole bag was made by hand in Thailand by Ploy Kasom. Who can tell you the world isn't yours when you are carrying this?

3. Exhausted not Exotic Tote by Emily Mun, $20.99

We're here to get shit done, not be objectified.

4. Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag by Julie Mollo, $25

Who said you ever grew out of your sweet tooth? Show your love for all things spooky and chocolate with this adorable bag. 

5. Cats in Patterns by Boyoun Kim, $15

It might not be acceptable to bring your cat to work, but we found out a way to do what we want. And this bag purrrfect.

6. Unstructured Bag byHoyden Company

Hoyden: boisterous, bold, carefree. Carry all you need and swim with the flow with this cute bag.

7. Tack Day bySSCY, $121

Traveling and exploring is an endless adventure, and this bag is durable enough to hold all you need along the way. You can even wear it on your shoulder or on your back.

Find these vendors and more at the BUST Holiday Craftacular, at Brooklyn Expo Center on December 9 & 10!

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Amber Tamblyn, Amy Poehler, And Uzo Aduba Are Helping Fight Sex Trafficking One T-Shirt At A Time ATXMS 15 bbcf6

Actor, director, poet, women's rights advocate, and BUST contributor Amber Tamblyn has once again proved why she is an all-around great human by teaming up with My Sister to design a new collection of feminist T-shirts that support the brand's initiative to end sex trafficking.

The six-piece collection, called "Choir Up," is emblazoned with powerful sentiments, all written by Tamblyn herself. Quotes include "The more we are a choir, the more the tune is forced to change," from her New York Times op-ed, "I'm Done With Not Being Believed." In the essay, she encouraged women to stand up for one another and to speak out on sexual assault, misogyny and exploitation.

And if the power of Tamblyn herself isn't enough, she's been joined in the campaign by some of her well-known feminist friends, including Uzo Aduba, Amy Poehler, America Ferrera and Amy Schumer.

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"Words carry more than just power, they carry actions, both the good kind and the bad. I wanted to make something with some semblance of meaning, something for our bodies— broken and abused daily— to shine through," Tamblyn tells BUST. "I'm so proud of this collection and the meaning it carries. It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it's something that I hope women enjoy wearing and a message they will enjoy sharing."

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The collection, just like all of the clothing and accessories from My Sister, is ethically sourced and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a female-focused charity. 25% of proceeds from the "Choir Up" collection will be donated to Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) to help young women and girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking exit the industry with support and resources. GEMS is based in New York and has helped hundreds of young women and girls ages 12–24 by providing empathetic, consistent support and real opportunities for positive change.

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Both Amber Tamblyn and My Sister will be joining the amazing BUST Holiday Craftacular on December 9-10 in Brooklyn, New York. This time around, the Craftacular will feature the BUST School For Creative Living, with classes, lectures and workshops, as well as live music, great food, and local vendors selling handmade jewelry, gifts, clothes and accessories. Don't forget to buy your tickets to have the chance to get a hold of your own "Choir Up" T-shirt and hear Amber Tamblyn speak about "Fighting Patriarchal Narratives & Being Allies to Each Other in the Era of Trump."

Photos via My Sister

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Makers & Shakers: SMOOSH Bath + Body "I hated cold lotion after a nice warm soothing shower; my curiosity into the ingredients of my bath and body products inspired me to start my own line of bath and body products."


Ashley Rae Pearsall, Founder of SMOOSH Bath + Body

We here at BUST love all things beauty. From face primers to holographic glitters, you name it, we got it. However, we're always on the hunt for all-natural products so on our quest for sugar scrubs and everything in between we discovered SMOOSH Bath + Body.

Founder, Ashley Rae Pearsall, was an "ingredient-conscious consumer" way before she started her homemade line of masks, scrubs, and soaps in 2012. With hundreds of thousands of products in the beauty market today, that contain questionable ingredients, it is so refreshing to have a line of products that can show your skin some love. Each product is made in small batches with a blend of natural oils and ingredients. 

Check out some of the BUST team's favorite SMOOSH products down below.



Rise N' Grind Scrub Butter- $28.00



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Emergen-sea Scrub Butter- $28.00



lemon 1024x1024

Lemon Poppy Seed Soap Bar- $10.00



roseclay 1024x1024

Rose + Bentonite Clay Soap- $10.00




Rose Clay Face Mask- $16.00




SMOOSH will be hosting a DIY skin care class at the BUST School For Creative Living 

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Exfoliation is key! Fresh, healthy and clean skin starts with keeping your pores clear! One amazing way to do that is with a DIY face scrub. We'll walk you through making a scrub for your skin type for the best results possible. We value simple and effective ingredients so you'll be able to replicate it easily for continued use. From oily to sensitive, normal or dry skin.. We've got you covered..!



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Violet Chachki is The First Drag Queen to Front a Lingerie Campaign  

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Violet Chachki has made history as the new face of Bettie Page Lingerie’s “Never the Girl Next Door” campaign. The Season 7 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is the first drag queen in history to front a lingerie campaign. Chachki is known for her Old Hollywood glamour and her modern, sexy twist on classic burlesque fashion. Since entering the spotlight, Chachki has been vocal about her gender fluidity, telling NBC OUT, "Androgyny is one of the most beautiful things ever, and more people should embrace the concept of gender fluidity.”

The campaign was shot by Anna Swiczeniuk, and features corselettes, bustiers, high-waisted briefs, and many more garments that are perfect for Chachki, embracing the boudoir, Old Hollywood style that she has drawn a lot of her inspiration from. This beautiful campaign features lingerie from Bettie Page, a line from London-based lingerie brand Playful Promises. The Never the Girl Next Door collection is priced from $26-$98 and is available for pre-order at Check out some of the fabulous photos of Chachki below!  

 RED HIGH WAIST HAND PRINT LACE BRIEF 3f74eRed High Waist Hand Print Lace Brief, $26.

Retro Hand Print Lace Bra and High Waist Brief 81745Black Hand Print Lace Bra and Brief. Bra, $33, Brief, $26

bp emerald set ab34cEmerald Longline Spiral Stitch Overwire Bra, Suspender Belt, and High Waisted Brief. Bra, $66, Suspender Belt, $50, Brief, $40.

MG 2357small 963eaLeopard Print Satin Robe, $99.

bp leopard set front crop f41d0Leopard Spiral Stitch Overwire Bra, High Waisted Brief and Suspender Belt. Bra, $59, Suspender Belt, $50Brief, $40.

bp black and red corsolette c2d85Black/Red Shaping Corsolette, $99.

image fde5cBlack Tulle Babydoll & High Waist Brief, $59.

Photos courtesy of Anna Swiczeniuk/Playful Promises. 

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