I didn’t know that I needed a bejeweled pineapple turban until now. Or, better yet, a minature coconut tree hat. Luckily, Tami Bar-Lev has provided the world with both, along with many other surreal and headpieces. You haven't seen high fashion until you've seen a sparkly fish wrapped in newspaper and draped over someone's eye. And if you're a bride-to-be sick of veils and tradition, she does wedding fascinators, too! Yay!

There’s a fine line between absurd and awesome, and the Tel-Aviv based milliner seems to be tap-dancing all over that line. But don't just take my word for it: check out some of her amazing headwear from the "If You Like Pina Coladas" collection below!

I don't know if I could pull off wearing a tree as well as the model is (in fact, I would probably lose my balance and fall off the boardwalk) but it achieves a sort of obscure fierceness on it's own. 

Can we make fruit headbands the new floral headbands, please? It's Blair Waldorf meets Carmen Miranda suckerpunched by Divine. It's all I ever wanted, really.

Of course, how ever will you stay out of the sun without a wide-brim pastel hat? Huge pink flower included, and huge statement-maker sunglasses recommended.

A tiara for a tropical princess. OR, if your summer vacation is less exciting than sipping Mai Tai's on the beaches of Honolulu, a tiara for ruling over the sandcastles of the Jersey shore. We all have our different ways of being regal...

If you want a bold piece without putting Spongebob's house on your cranium, then here's a pretty, more "subtle" alternative: little baby shrimp! So cute!

Images via TamiBarLev.com

Photography by Asaf Einy