There's no denying that studs are a huge trend right now. (I ain't complainin'!) You pretty much can't step foot into store right now without being poked or prodded by some shiny protruding object that's been fastened to a pair of cut-offs or boots. (Even itty-bitty skulls have gotten in on the action.) Here's a quick tutorial on how to spice up a plain denim button-up with something that glimmers. If you prefer something less spiky, you can also try the pyramid stud tutorial for silk shirts. These longer spikes are great though, since they have screws that attach them to the collar more securely so that they're less likely to slip off. If you have any stud- or spike-related tips, let us know!

You need:

A denim shirt
Dart Awl tool
Some small cone studs with screws

1. Mark on the shirt where you want to put the studs using a pencil. 

2. Use the dart awl to pierce the fabric.

3. Push the screw through the hole.

4. Wind the stud onto the screw. 

5. Tighten with a screwdriver.

6. Attach all the other studs in this way.

Thanks to A Pair and A Spare for this one!

Photos via A Pair and A Spare

Tags: DIY , denim , spikes , studs



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