Headpieces can be a little intimidating, especially if you're not used to changing up your hairstyle often. (I'm usually too lazy to do anything more than blow-dry my hair before leaving the house.) Maybe you, too, own some super cool fascinators but have yet to rock them because of your fear of improperly securing them and then looking like a crazy person when it falls off. BUT NOW we've got this awesome chignon tutorial to give us the perfect hair for any headpiece. This classic 'do provides maximum comfort to keep you from constantly checking a mirror or feeling your head up in worry. Plus you can make use of this how-to even if you aren't into fascinators. Let us know how these steps worked for you in the comments!


1. You’ll need a couple of larger bobby pins and a thin rubberband.

2. You’ll want a side part for this because the fascinator is going to sit on the side with less hair. Create a section from your ear up to the part as you see in photo. Clip all that hair out of the way and save it for the end.

3. On the side with less hair, twist everything back and over your ear.

4. Clip it in place using a claw clip.

5. Lightly tease the rest of your hair. You want to do this so that the bun you’re about to make will be a little fuller. If you have super thick hair you’re welcome to skip this step.

6. The hair shouldn’t be agressively teased. It should look like picture 6.

7. Remove the clip and keep twisting in an upward motion. Twist it right into a bun shape and secure using the thin rubberband. Go ahead and insert one of the large bobby pins for security.

8. Take the section you had clipped up out of the clip. Lightly twist that in an upward direction and wrap it around the bun. Secure it using your other large bobby pin. If you have thicker hair and you need more pins, go for it!

9. Once everthing is secured, lightly pull at the bun if you want to make it a little bigger. If you like the size of it, you can skip this step.

10. Spray all over using a firm holding hairspray.

Each fascinator is different. Some come with clips, some with headbands, some with combs, and some vintage ones come with nothing. Attach the fascinator on the side with less hair. I usually recommend attaching it just slightly below the part.

Pair the finished product with some of these cool headpieces from Etsy!

From Powder Blue Bijoux

From CreativeKates

From kathyjohnson3

Thanks to The Beauty Department for this one!

Photos via The Beauty Department and Etsy

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