Mess Queen, the young and fresh NYC clothing company, has released a kickass new video that's chock full of colorful leg-wear and general badassery. The video is titled "Queens of New York", and aptly so. Mess Queen's 24-year-old head designer Courtney N. Gamble and her crew are well on their way to becoming NYC fashion royalty. 

Gamble began designing her chaotically patterned clothing and accessories in an attempt to "[give] out a fun, cheerful vibe to the dark muted undertones of the city". This desire plays out in a delightful spree of wish fulfillment in "Queens of New York", in which a gang of girls wearing Gamble's creations take the city by storm, inciting anarchic chaos wherever they roam. 

Take a gander at the new video, and hop on over to Mess Queen's online shop while you're at it! 

Photos via Mess Queen