Welcome to Part Two of of my collection of looks from this season's New York Fashion Week. Fantastic street style seemed to be everywhere I turned, and I made sure to capture as much as I could. One of my favorite looks of the week (or ever) has to be this outfit on Vogue Japan's Anna Dello Russo, who never fails to bring the fashion crazy. I love it! With a bright fuschia coat and out-of-this world hat, she stood out in a sea of fashionable, yet safe, ensembles. To me, fashion is about fun, and she always seems to be having the most of it! 

From bloggers to stylish attendees, I hope you enjoy the second part of my street style extravaganza. For more Fashion Week favorites, head over to TheRebelWaltz.com.

Anna Dello Russo certainly loves her hats. Here's a better look at her hat from the photo above:

Tennessee Thomas

[The Rebel Waltz]