The creators of gothic lolita, harajuku, and ganguro are back! But, this time more  laid back and adventure-y. Don't worry though, they're still plenty kawaii and filled with all the layers and patterns we know, admire, and love. Of course, I'm talking about a new trend in Japan called Yama Girls.

No, no it's not a mass of leather clad Japanese girls on Yamaha motorcycles zipping around Tokyo,(though that would be awesome!), this style ditches all the bells and whistles that the others have. Gone are the ornate nails, frilled and laced skirts, and too dark tans--all traded for something a little more down to Earth. The style, which includes plenty of Navajo print, tie-dye, and this really cute thing called a hiking skirt (pictured below), is a lifestyle choice of the girlies who are living life on the edge…as in cliffs and mountains.


The mountain-trekking trend setters have quite the following with different websites, magazines, and even hotels catering to their thirst for adventure and outdoor steez. Trips to "power-spots" have caused a hiking boom, especially in gals ages 25 to 29, and hotels even offer Yama Girl weekend packages and women-only outdoor excursions!

Sounds like a group of ladies I can get down with.


Source: trendcentral Photo: japantrends

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