Forever21 always kind of irked me for a variety of reasons: the sizes are strange and ill-fitting, they pretty much blatantly knock off designers,  and their bags have random bible verses on them, which can seem a bit pushy in my opinion. Now let's add one more reason to the mix..they can't take a joke! WTForever 21 (while it's still up) is a blog run by Rachel Kane whose purpose is to hilariously and endearingly poke fun at the franchise's more ridiculous items of clothing. Forever21 is now threatening to sue Kane over the website. Even though she makes sure to note that she is in no way affiliated with Forever21, Inc, Forever21 sent Kane a cease and desist letter in April claiming she was violating copyright and trademark law. They claim that the website's name refers to an abbreviation that "the general public may find offensive" (WTF?!) and that the blog has led to "monetary damages" for the company, which I highly doubt. Kane says that in actuality her site has probably helped them considering how much traffic her site drives to theirs and the countless of emails she's answered pertaining to where she found something they couldn't find in stores. 

The funny thing is that Kane really has nothing against the franchise. Her blog's "About Me" states, "I Love Forever21. Most of my closet is compromised of their tasteful, trendy, and totally awesome selection, but every now and then, something goes horribly awry. Here you will find a daily dose of those few misses the awesome clothing manufacturer makers." Obviously neither the love she has for the store nor how stupid this is making the store look is being taken into account. 


Considering the giant legal backing Forever21 carries, Kane will most likely soon be forced to take the site down. "The only thing I have to console myself with this defeat is the hope that consumers at-large will know just how humorless the people are who make the day-glow pink panties they have to buy in bulk," she says. 

I really don't understand the logic behind all this. Her blog is basically pure opinion and Kane in no way lies about being affiliated with the company...so..why is there even an issue? Is it just the NAME of the blog? Obviously not..but isn't that one way around it legally? All this because Forever21 can't take a joke..

[Refinery 29/The Frisky]

Update: Forever 21 has backed off!

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