Fashion designer Linda Trau has put together a new line of products called ZUBA Africa, which sells handmade necklaces made by Rwandan women in need of assistance. The line of accessories is partnered with Fairwinds Trading and “uses business as a strategy for the economic empowerment of women in developing countries.” 


The colorful necklaces and totes are sweet and vibrant and really reflect the meaning of the company’s name— ZUBA comes from the Rwandan word “izuba,” meaning sunshine. The fabrics were picked from local markets by the women who create the accessories.

Instead of just giving money to a charity, buying a fabulous and (mostly) affordable tote, cosmetic bag, or necklace gives you a reminder of who you’re helping and might inspire envious friends to do the same.

To learn more about ZUBA Africa and Linda Trau, visit Girlie Girl Army!


Images: Girlie Girl Army, ShopBop