The Other Kind of Tingling in Your Pants

586575_hi.jpeg.jpgNo, this one isn't caused by that shirtless picture of Daniel Craig that randomly popped up in your last Google image search. This particular bizarre feeling in your south towns can actually be from your pants.

Apparently if your skinny jeans are a little too, uh, skinny, they can cause meralgia paresthetica or 'tingling leg syndrome.' It comes from excess pressure being put on your femeral nerve by restrictive denim, and it only gets worse if you pair them with heels. It sort of feels like your leg has fallen asleep. Hey, at least you won't be able to feel the pain caused by the heels anymore.

Some people are more susceptible than others; it just depends on how sensitive your nerve is. Besides, the damage is rarely permanent. Once you get your pants off and relieve the pressure (I'm still talking about leg nerves, here, gutter-brain) the sensation should go away. But don't say we didn't warn ya. -Liza

(photo via www.examiner.com)

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