I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 10 years old. It's been just about every color imaginable- even green, and green is a tough hair color to rock. I also usually dye my hair myself since salons are so insanely expensive. I've collected more than a few tricks for achieving the perfect dye job over the years, so here are my top seven for all of you who are thinking about taking the color plunge. 

1. Use a buddy! Dyeing hair, especially your own, is hard. Have a friend with you as backup to make sure you’ve applied the pigment evenly, especially the back and underside. Ask your friends for a favor, enjoy some quality time together AND have fun transforming yourself into Rainbow Brite.


2. Do not use the gloves that come with the dye. They’re almost never sturdy enough. And if you're following the previous rule, you're going to need a second pair anyway. CVS, Walgreens and Ricky's NYC all sell individual gloves for you dye-hards. 


3. If you’re on a budget, try Kool-aid instead  of actual dye. It’s cheaper and stays in your hair for a surprisingly long time. Just don’t drink it- IMO anything that can dye your hair should not be ingested.

4. When doing an ombré effect, have the proper materials. Do not use a paintbrush to apply the bleach.

5. Be speedy when applying bleach! Otherwise, your color will be uneven. The last time I bleached my hair, I wound up with platinum blonde roots, light orange on the body of my hair, and medium brown on the underside. Learn from my mistakes. 

6. Color Oops is your new best friend. If you screw up dyeing your hair, this stuff will take the color right out. If you’ve been dying your hair for a while, though, and have layers of dye, it may leave with you a surprising look, so be prepared. 

7. The first week or so after your hair is dyed, wash it as little as possible in order to preserve the color. The first month, avoid chlorinated water (no swimming!) or else the dye, especially if it's particularly bright, will seep out. Take care of your newly colored locks!


I hope these tips and tricks will help the next time you feel the urge to switch up your look. Go forth and color, fearless hair mavens! 


images c/o thedaintysquid.com, BUST magazine

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