Prinkshop Brings You Bold Custom Prints So You Can Wear What You Care About

Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression. For better or worse, people make assumptions about our personality by how we present ourselves. We’re okay with parading around in oversized tees with cute cats shooting lasers out of their eyes, our favorite band’s merch, and basically being walking advertisements for brands, so why not make political statements with our dress? Instead of having a dead-end conversation about your love for ironically tacky animal apparel, start a meaningful discussion with one of these t-shirts from prinkshop.

(From left to right: Sarah Sophie Flicker, Leith Clark, and Tennessee Thomas)


Pamela Bell, cofounder of Kate Spade, recently launched this silk-screening business that combines social justice issues with the phenomenon of mass customization. Their succinct slogan is: “We’re prinkshop. We’ve got issues.” So what’s so special about prinkshop? Can’t I just slap a “pro-choice” patch on a white tee and move on? Nah, it’s a little different in that by buying from prinkshop, you’re actually making a difference. Prinkshop sells graphics that donate 30% of profits to an organization that’s working in the specific issue, like domestic violence or access to education or reproductive rights. 

Prinkshop supports organizations such as STEPS, Naral Pro-Choice New York, and 3 Generations, in addition to a larger variety of organizations that is in no way limited to one cause or purpose. Each cause has its own page within the shop, focusing more on the social justice aspects, than the apparel (which, btw, also features totes and notebooks).

 In the spirit of prinkshop, Bell invited her activist friends, Leith Clark, Sarah Sophie Flicker, and Tennessee Thomas over to her home to print some products! They decided to print potentially iconic tees bearing “1973” (the year Roe v. Wade was passed) across the chest. When using fashion as a tool for activism, prinkshop is a double-hitter; not only are you adding to the visual culture of your environment by wearing these issues, but you’re contributing monetarily as well. It's all about bringing social responsibility back to the role of the consumer with prinkshop. 

Images courtesy of Sarah Sophie Flicker's Instagram and prinkshop.com.

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