New technology to battle technological dependence? Makes sense.

When I had a Smartphone I was prone to constantly checking my various apps out of fear that I would miss something that was happening. In fact, it is so easy to be sucked into a world of notifications and constant streams of information that people tend to tune the real world out completely. This trend is the inspiration for a new clothing line called FOCUS created by Japanese conceptual fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga. These modern garbs are made from fibers that deflect electromagnetic waves and therefore render your phone completely unusable.


This is an interesting concept because it seems counterintuitive. If you want to disconnect from our digital age couldn’t you just turn off your phone or swap it for a dumber model? In order for the technology addicted to disengage, they need to feel like it is because they are pioneering the latest gadget.

In reality, this could be the latest excuse for ignoring calls and replying to texts. “Why didn’t you text your mother back last week?” Or, “oh I’ve been wearing FOCUS, so I can’t, sorry!”

If Zenon: Girl of the 21st century ever makes another zequel, I think the costume designer would be all over this clothing line.

Via: Spoon Tamago

Images courtesy of Spoon Tamago and Rotten Tomatoes 

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