Barbie Beach

New York, NY
Store Manager and Stylist, Patricia Field

Tell me what you’re wearing. The Misfits vest was a gift from a designer friend; his clothing line is called Zefjuku. The crop top is by American Deadstock and was $25, and the jeans and the leather fingerless gloves were $48 each: they’re all from Patricia Field. The dominatrix boots are by Pleaser and were $79. My plugs were $16 at Spencers. My eyebrow pencil is Nicka K lip liner in Purple Glitter, and it was $1. The necklace is very special to me—Lana Del Rey personally pulled it from our store for the “Young and Beautiful” video. They didn’t end up using it, so I bought the necklace when she brought it back. I think it was about $170. How the heck do you walk in those heels? Honestly, they’re more comfortable than any shoes I have. They’re stripper boots, and strippers have to be on their feet for four to eight hours a night. 

What inspires your style? Pin-up, punk, and kawaii. I love styles from the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, but I also like the grungy side of glamour. I really love Japanese fashion; they take popular styles to the extreme. Who’s your biggest style icon? Right now, it’s a stylist named Marni Senofonte. Remember when Ciara was wearing velour jumpsuits and dancing on cars, and then a year ago, she started to get into Balmain? That was because of Marni. Who was your favorite celebrity to dress? I met Beyoncé when she was pregnant and shopping for the “Countdown” video—I was actually trying on these heels when she walked in. She’s so sweet and honest; you can tell that if you had a booger in your nose, she’d be like, ‘Hey, wipe your nose.’ You know what I mean?

-Maggie Carr

Photographed by Bek Andersen

"Can't Stand Ya" dress by Erin Pearce

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