Our Cat Fashion Will Tear Your Cat Fashion's Eyes Out

You can get so much weird clothing off the internet, you could easily wander the streets dressed like a Vice Don't every day of your life. The two grandest obsessions of our generation are such weird clothing, and cats. And lists. Lots and lots of lists. 

Everyone's got their two cents on this kitty bikini or that cat sweater, but you know you can only trust BUST when it comes to matters of such grave importance. Without further ado: send in the cats.


We've got cats that cover your naughty bits.

Cats with three eyes.

Cats that are also women.

The most crazily expensive designer "cat eye" sunglasses you'll ever see.

Cats for your legs.

Cats that have your back...

...or are always at hand, whether they're sleepy...

...super quirky...

...or just plain to die for.

Did you know TACO CAT is the same spelled forward and backward?

Some cats have a severe sense of justice.

And some cats say, "Eyes up here, bub!"

But most cats are very, very grumpy. If they could talk about the fact that we're wearing their faces all over the place--well, I guess they pee everywhere anyway. Message received. 

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