Body-Positive Ad Campaign Features Women Of Various Sizes, And It's Pretty Great


A few weeks back, we were so thrilled to hear that Aerie, the teen lingerie store affiliated with American Eagle, will not be Photoshopping their models for their new Spring campaign titled #AerieREAL. The ad images feature models ranging in size, shape, and ethnicity (this range is vast relative to most competitors, although, to be honest, it still does not encompass the diversity of America’s teens). Well, there's a new development!




In a further attempt to represent young women of more variant shapes and sizes, the company has opted to feature un-doctored images of women wearing all available bra sizes on its website; when selecting a bra, customers are encouraged to select their own size, and they are shown a similarly sized woman rocking the garment, accompanied by the slogan “The Real You Is Sexy.” This move is to be applauded, but then again, most of the models conform to Western ideals of whiteness and slenderness, despite their bust sizes, which range from 32AA to 40DD. As more and more companies jump aboard the body-positive bandwagon, it's important that we remain vigilant, lest groups of women become further marginalized.  The lack of a broader sense of diversity in even the most progressive campaigns is troubling, and we can only hope that this brand continues to more deeply explore the wide diversity of bodies women have to offer. 


What do you think? Is this campaign a step in the right direction or does it exclude too many races and shapes to truly be commended?



Thanks to Erin Chack

Images via Buzzfeed and Aerie

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