On Monday, BUST’s Katie Fustich introduced us to “23 Trends Guys Hate,” a ridiculous list published on Huffington Post outlining various fashion trends men find unattractive on women. The original piece sparked obvious anger: how presumptuous is it for anyone to assume that someone dresses themselves for another’s benefit? Clearly, women don’t dress for the sole purpose of pleasing men, so if some dude hates our high-waisted skirts, it’s not the end of the world. 



Instead of tearing people down for how we present ourselves, we should celebrate it. Ship Without a Rudder’s Mariel has the antidote to our 23-things-blues in “11 Trends Guys Love (And Women Love Too),” a tongue-in-cheek critique of popular men’s fashion. Unlike the original list, Merial’s response isn’t meant to earnestly criticize the other sex; it simply dismantles the entire premise of one sex judging another’s clothing. Because obviously women could also compile a list male trends that we find offensive, aesthetically or culturally.  


In a particularly biting passage, she expresses womankind’s “love” for those ever-present “Graphic Tees with Sexual Innuendo:” Parodying the shirts’ ridiculous assumption that sexual puns will garner female admiration, she writes, “If your shirt says ‘Volley my balls please’ or ‘Professional Booty Inspector,’ you’re obviously out of my league.” Check the list out here for more comedic gems! Thanks, Mariel!


Thanks to Ship Without a Rudder

Image via Classic T Shop

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