The Abercrombie brand has been suffering lately, big time. In addition to being what the analyst Richard Jafffe calls “a stale brand” that is incapable of competing with trendier companies, the company, led by CEO Mike Jeffies, has been pretty sexist in their marketing strategies. Girls are taking note; no one wants to buy clothes from a company that sexualizes young girls and “hates fat chicks.” 



And we ladies are voting with out dollar! After losing 30 percent of the company value, Abercrombie executives are realizing that cutting production costs and discounting clothing isn’t going to be enough to keep them afloat. 


In the next year, the company will finally begin stocking larger sizes. We might not begin to see them until the next “back to school season,” but it’s exciting to see a corporate monolith change its ways with a little pressure from young ladies who know that it’s not cool to buy into discrimination. We won't be rushing through the company's overly-perfumed doors anytime soon, but it is nice to see them finally taking the hint. 


Thanks to Chicago Tribune

Image via Abercrombie Outlet


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