Pin it, primp it, and put your mane in its place! Here are some of our favorites for this fall!

Let your hair down with an oversized bow, made to order in any color.

Tea Party Bow Hairband, $38, ITSOKAYMYDEAR.COM



Polka dot pins will keep

your ’do in its spot.

Polka Dot Bobby Pin Set, $12, JANETRAN.COM


Make your fringe flashy, with cute clips.

Fringe Heart Clips,




Banish a bad hair day with a stylish spotted scarf.

Silk Scarf, $46, CinneWorthington.etsy.com



Control your curls

with a braided band.

Braided Headband, $24, NECKLUSH.ETSY.COM 



Twist up your tresses

with a pronged pin

made in N.Y.C.

Bronze Knot Hair Pin, $160, by Aesa, BONADRAG.COM


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