I’m going to be honest here: I don’t know a lot about Martha Stewart (really, almost nothing). But from what I’ve seen, I’m a fan. Somehow she makes cleaning my room seem less ominous, as though perhaps my best gal pals, my fiance, and maybe my mom could turn housekeeping into a craft fair. I mean, why suffer with maintaining a place to live when you could just as easily turn it into a magical wonderland? 



But here’s the trouble: not only am I bad at cleaning, but any crafting I do ends up looking like it was made by a very disturbed five-year-old. When I actually was five, I made a beautiful tissue paper flower that promptly got smashed accidentally. I still saved it, and that kind of set the tone for life. If only a magical Martha Stewart could come to save me....!


NOW SHE CAN. The lovely lady is famous for her Halloween costumes, and this year, she has some new tricks up her magical sleeves: “I have been transformed into Fairy GrandMartha," she tells PEOPLE. She explains, "A ballerina's leotard, yards of pink tulle, sparkling accessories, and some excellent makeup and hairstyling all combined to make me look the part."



Martha, you look awesome. Now please come grant all my wishes!


Thanks to PEOPLE

Images via PEOPLE


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