Get Organic Makeup All Up in Your Face at Primped this Sunday! #getprimped #bustcraftacular

 If you're the kind of femmey-femme who likes to paint her face with all kinds of cosmetics, but don't like the idea of smearing chemicals all over yourself, have we got a treat for you at Primped this Sunday!Lady-owned makeup company The Organic Face will be there, and they'll be giving free makeup makeovers at their booth. 

The Organic Face makes all kinds of makeup—from your usual foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, etc -- to fancier fair, such as their airbrush system. Their foundation comes in all skin tones -- and really, ALL skin tones -- and all of their products are made using 100% natural ingredients. It's also all made in the USA. So, yay!


In addition to giving good face on Sunday, The Organic Face will have a table where you can purchase their products if you so desire. Cocoa butter-based Addiction Lip Gloss in Velvet: You will be mine.

8 Cutest Maxi Dresses To Float Around In This Summer

Spring has finally arrived! And naturally, it's just gotten us all the more eager for its sweltering buddy, summer. In anticipation, here are 8 beautiful maxi dresses we can't wait to wear, from the cheapest on up:

Forever 21 Layered Southwestern Print Dress, $15.oo

Buy it here.

Sheinside Yellow Sleeveless Laced Chiffon Pleated Dress, $24.33

Buy it here

Fashion to Figure Seraphina Tulip Maxi Dress, $36.50

Buy it here.

Target Women's Racer Maxi Dress Butterfly Print, $49.99


Buy it here.

ASOS CURVE Maxi Dress with Pleated Skirt, $50.00

Buy it here

Nasty Gal All Tied Down Maxi Dress, $78.00

Buy it here

Free People Look Into the Sun Maxi, $98.00

Buy it here.


Madewell Linen Maxi Shirtdress, $158.00

Buy it here

Images via: Free People, ASOS, Target, Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Sheinside, Fashion to Figure, Madewell, AllStyleBrands. 

Lane Bryant Defies Victoria’s Secret Body Ideal With #ImNoAngel Campaign

Lane Bryant’s inspiring #ImNoAngel campaign is boldly challenging society’s beauty standards: The new ads feature popular models such as Ashley Graham and Marquita Pring (who we've had the honor of featuring in BUST) wearing Lane Bryant’s lingerie line Cacique. Lane Bryant, whose women’s clothes range from sizes 14 to 28, is taking a stab at the “Angel” title that Victoria’s Secret bestows on its famous supermodels.

In 2014, Victoria’s Secret released an advertising campaign with their extremely thin Angels posing under the banner “The Perfect Body.” The campaign caused a lot of controversy and an online petition accused the lingerie label of “irresponsible marketing” by setting unrealistic body expectations.

“Our #ImNoAngel campaign is designed to empower all women to love every part of herself. Lane Bryant firmly believes that she is sexy and we want to encourage her to confidently show it, in her own way,” Chief Executive Officer Linda Heasley said in a statement. The ads can be seen in Lane Bryant stores, on television, in print, and on billboards, and are also on the brand’s social media accounts.

What’s refreshing about the #ImNoAngel campaign is that the term “plus-size” is absent. Lately, there has been much debate over whether the term “plus-size” is a label that is damaging to young girls’ self-esteem. With #ImNoAngel, Lane Bryant is redefining sexiness and starting a conversation that needs to be had, because feeling beautiful should not be limited to a certain size. Check out more of the awesome campaign photos below!



Images via: Lane Bryant and Bloomberg.

A Brief History Of Ladies Who Rock The Power Pantsuit


Hillary Clinton finally announced her candidacy for president of the United States yesterday. While we can’t wait to hear all the policies and reforms she has planned, we’re also super psyched about the fact that we’ll be getting to see a lot more of her amazing pantsuit collection. Although Hillary rocks the pantsuit like no other, she’s not the first woman to have done so. Here’s a look back at the history of the power pantsuits for women:

1920s Coco Chanel frees women with the pantsuit

Coco Chanel was the first to liberate women from the restrictive feel of a corset by designing the first power suit. This new outfit quickly became all the rage in Paris and consisted of a knitted wool cardigan paired with a matching skirt. The suit was usually accessorized with a long string of pearls, and came to be known as the “woman’s new uniform.”

1931 The first wide-shouldered suits

The legendary house of Rochas introduced women to the first wide-shouldered suits of the 20th century.

1941 Katherine Hepburn rocks the suit look

Katherine Hepburn quickly became a fashion icon after donning a man’s suit in her film Women of the Year. She showed all men that women could rock a man’s suit and look classy as hell while doing so.

1966 The pantsuit gets sexy

In 1966, famed French designer Yves Saint Laurent introduced the world to le smoking, the “first male-inspired couture evening suit with pants for women.”

1977 Hello, shoulder pads!

Suits with accentuated shoulder pads become the hot thing to wear—the bigger the better.

1980s Power dressing

The pantsuit reached new heights when designers like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Anne Klien introduced the world to the power suit.

1990s The suit gets more feminine

Jean Paul Gaultier designed the suits for Madonna’s “Blond Ambition” tour. Her suits were paired with lacy camisoles and the now-infamous cone-shaped bra.

2000s Skirts?

Many people declared that the death of the pantsuit had arrived when skirts were introduced into the mix. However, not all women wore skirts. Hillary Clinton still rocked her power suits, famously telling David Letterman, “In my White House, we all know who wears the pantsuits.”

2013 The future of power dressing

Most women in the past wore the pantsuit to prove their authority. However, most people today believe that women can now wear just about anything and still show that they mean business.


Images via The Guardian, Pinterest, Flickr, hprints, fashiongum, vitnagefestival, celebrityredcarpet, businesschic. 

Game of Thrones Inspired Braids You Can Steal For Yourself

With Game of Thrones coming back to HBO April 12th (are you as excited as we are?) we decided to indulge in the lovely braid styles on the show, you know, just in case you wanna ring in the new season by cosplaying as one of these fierce ladies…

The glorious Khaleesi Hair Braid: 

Cersei’s Rope braid simplified (cause let’s be honest, trying to do most of her hairstyles will require quite a lot of breaks for your arms):

Sansa Stark has grown into a young lady now, but here’s a classic Sansa throwback to remind us of simpler times:

Margaery Tyrell’s Twist can give you such an ethereal feel

And even though Catelyn Tully is no longer with us (*sniff* Whhhyyyy!?!), her signature tucked braid is still one we love: 

 Images from Pinterest, hairromance, Youtube,, masterherald



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