10 Bathing Suits To Bust Out This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and we know you wanna head to the closest possible water world. Whether you’ll be playing on the beach or pool-side sunning, you’re probably wondering what to wear. We think the distinction of size "others" people and marginalizes fatness, which is not fair. Fat-kini, skini-kini, whatever-kini —love your body and dress it in the lycra style that suits you best! All bodies and all kinis are created equal. So grab your sunscreen, a good book, and go get fierce in the sunshine. Here are some of our favorite water friendly fashions for you mer-people out there:

1. Get one-peaceful in the sun and sand with this cut-out onesie by Mara Hoffman:

2. Some minimal chicness from Opening Ceremony:

3. High waisted and hailing from both the 80’s and 1920’s by Lolli Folaties:

 4. Flamingo femme perfection from Gabifresh:

5. The Halter top is in again, get it from J Crew:

 6. Nothing says Memorial Day like a cupcake in the sun, get the look:

7. Geometric pin-up perfection at ASOS Curve:

8. Get literal with the sea and sun with this piece from Mara Hoffman:

9. Floral and fashionable cut by Marie Meili:
10. Braided, no frills, and high-waisted by A Detacher:
Images Via Mara Hoffman, Opening Ceremony, ASOS Curve, ASOS, Gabifreah, A Detacher, Victoriana

Size 22 Model Tess Munster's First Agency Photo Shoot Looks Amazing

Founder of Eff Your Beauty Standards, Tess Holliday (maiden name Munster), shared her first agency shoot as as a MiLK model on Instagram Monday. And needless to say (because, um, look down), the photos are crazy awesome.

"So thrilled that I can finally share these images," the model captioned one. 

When Holliday got signed, she was flooded with reactions on Twitter, Instagram, and personal letters. She told The Guardian"Some people were very excited, some people called me fat and said I was too big to be a model." How did Holliday see it? "Ultimately, in my eyes, my being signed is changing an industry that needs to be changed."

We agree. 

Images via @tessholliday Instagram

11 Photos Of Amazing Nail Art You Can DIY This Summer

In the midst of this salon crackdown and expose in NYC, there's no better time to DIY your nails like the best in the biz. You definitely don't need to go to a manicurist who is underpaid and overworked to get on trend with the colorful standout from the spring fashion shows: nail art. Gone are the days when a nude polish dominated the runways and streets as a mainstay for the modern, professional woman. Now, bright talons and artistic designs are the latest frontier for creative self-expression—and frankly, an easy way to pump up your spring fashion game

The more we do our own nail designs, or seek out licensed, fairly compensated professionals, the better it will be for women everywhere. Check out these photos for some major mani inspiration, and don't forget to follow some of the top nail artists on Instagram!

1. Alicia Torell @aliciatnails


2. Sarah at Chalkboard Nails @chalkboardnails


3. Jin Soon @jinsoonchoi


4. Jenna Hipp @jennahipp


5. Jessica Washick @jessicawashick


6. Kimmie Kyees @kimmiekyees


7. Mei Kawajiri @ciaomanhattan2012


8. Kelly Kristi Heralda @bakenekonails


9. Deborah Lippmann @deborahlippmann


10. Wah Nails @wahnails


11. Taryn Multack @missladyfinger


Images c/o Instagram users

21 Alternative Brides Who Totally Rocked The Non-Traditional Wedding

As people become more open-minded, non-traditional weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and there are now websites dedicated to planning these unique ceremonies. Brides are no longer afraid to show of their killer tattoos or flaunt some color. From ditching the white to wearing track shorts, these fearless brides have made us fall in love with non-traditional weddings all over again. Scroll down for some amazing inspiration!

1. This beautiful couple jumping the broom.

2nd2Nunn Photography 


2. These stunning brides who showed off awesome tattoos and matching bouquets. 

Alexandra Wallace Photography


3. These happy brides who ditched traditional wedding attire.


Allison Andres Photography 


4. These blissful brides who understood that less is more.

Christopher Charles Photography


5. This bride who wasn't afraid to show off her killer tats.

Erin Jean Photography


6. This beautiful couple who totally killed it with their vintage attire. 



7. This happy bride flaunting her awesome ink. 



8. This adorable couple who loves denim.

Jade + Matthew


9. This glowing bride who wore the most beautiful magenta wedding gown.



10. This fearless bride who wore black and got married at the Museum of Natural History.

Jessica Schilling Photography


11. This smiling bride who proved that white dresses are boring. 

Leila Jacue


12. This laughing bride who totally rocked it at her Harry Potter themed wedding.

Mon Petit Studio


13. These gorgeous brides who were the definition of class. 

Olya Vysotskaya Photography


14. These two brides wearing a beautiful white dress and and an epic tux. 

Renee Hollinshead Photography


15. These brides with matching haircuts and lovely smiles. 

Sascha Reinking Photography


16. This daring bride who totally rocked the black with her husband.

Sugar and Spice Photography


17. This bride wearing a sparkly golden dress and flaunting her beautiful tattoos. 



18. These brides who have the most amazing matching tattoos. 



19. This happy bride who has the most amazing hair. 



20. This joyful bride and her husband who weren't afraid to get married in athletic attire. 

Viera Photography


21. And finally, this fierce bride who ditched the white and rocked the most beautiful  flower garland. 

Vivian Chen Photography


Style Star & Fashion Blogger Arabelle Sicardi On Her Uniquely Awesome Wardrobe Aesthetic

Arabelle Sicardi certainly has a unique style — and we're obsessed with it. The NYC-based blogger has a knack for mixing and matching pieces that somehow draw together the perfect balance of quirk and chic. Read on to find out how she does it, what influences her ensembles, and three words that sum up her fashion philosophy!

Tell me about what you’re wearing. 
The suit is from Christian Siriano’s fall collection; he’s a friend and he let me borrow clothes for when I went on a trip. The shoes are Margiela Tabis, and they’re my dream shoes. I’ve wanted them for probably five or six years, and I bought them as my birthday gift to myself. I got them on sale for $500—they were the most expensive purchase I’ve ever made, and they were completely worth it. The glasses are prescription Prada frames I got off eBay; I forget how much I paid. 

How has your style evolved over the years?
I’ve learned more about gender and my identity. And I’ve become more interested in documenting the world around me. I also really enjoy talking about fashion, the industry, and art on a larger, more relatable scale.

What advice do you have for girls just discovering their personal style?
When I first got into fashion, I would be so anxious that I’d get gossiped about, and people did ask me what the hell was I wearing. But it didn’t matter, because I wore things that I really cared about; I wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from me. It’s your body, and people are going to be really critical no matter what you do. So just focus on how style makes you feel, and whether it makes you feel really confident and strong in your own existence and in your space. Just have fun with it.

What inspires your style?
I really love sci-fi movies and Korean horror movies, so my style is heavily based on that. There’s this movie I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay by my favorite director Park Chan-Wook, and a lot of my style is me interpreting his films.

What do you wear out on a Friday night?
This PVC jacket I have and probably a sports bra, then some jeans and my Tabis. It seems very Fifth Element and that’s what I like for the season.

What’s your most recent clothing purchase?
This new set of lingerie by Lonely Lingerie—it’s blue and I was going to dye my hair back to blue anyway, so it’ll match.

What are three words that sum up your style philosophy?
Cyborg, lipstick, banshee.

Written by: Hannah Baxter

Photographed by: Tayler Smith

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