The Ladies Are Pushin' It - BUST

The Sundance Channel must have a degree in making educational yet totally captivating shows, unlike most enriching television which lulls me to premature slumber. Instead Sundance pumps out series like Big Ideas for a Small Planet and Green Porno with Isabella Rosellini, which are hysterical and make me feel a little bit smarter. It's almost like I forgot I was learning about insect mating rituals and environmental engineering! 

In its eternal quest to be one of the coolest channels on cable, Sundance just announced their latest docu-series Push Girls which follows four ambitious women, Tiphany, Auti, Angela, and Mia, as they enter new phases of their lives and aspire to reach their career goals. They also happen to be paralyzed from the neck or waist down. Although they are physically disabled, the women approach the challenges they face with a straightforward attitude and are more concerned with finding their own happiness than worrying about what they can or cannot do. Premiering April 17th at 10pm, I am so excited to watch a show that portrays women honestly and in a positive light. No more of that catty shit please! 


Image source: sundancechannel.com