Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Wine & Wear Ugly Temporary Tattoos, Right? - BUST

As a big fan of both temporary tattoos and  artful conception, I was very excited to come across Tattly: Designy Temporary Tattoos.  Graphic designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka swissmiss, heard the call for higher quality temporary tattoo alternatives once she became fed-up with the current offerings of unattractive and bland temp tats. With her own child's adornment in mind, Eisenberg decided to stop complaining and take matters into her own hands. The result: a small yet superb collection of temporary tattoos, each crafted by a different independent designer. In the words of Eisenberg: "Life is too short to drink bad wine and wear ugly temporary tattoos, right?" Prices are 2 for $5, with my personal favorites being the ingenious 'Knucks' and 'Tattone'. Perfect for the summertime, when you're bound to be showin' a little skin anyway. CHECK 'EM OUT: http://tatt.ly/ 

photo: http://tatt.ly/, 'knucks' designed by frank chimero