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   According to a new game on Facebook, America 2049, social networking can be socially conscious! The new game is centered on such topics as forced sex work and prostitution, racial profiling, segregation, abortion issues, LGBTQ injustice, marriage inequality, and general disillusion of government. Created by global human rights organization Breakthrough, the game proves that we can use social media to generate actual social change.

   In the new game, players are field agents for the  “Council on American Heritage”.  The main task or assignment of the game is to capture a fugitive and bring him to justice. As the story unravels, players face important decision-making challenges that deal with a futuristic America that is stricken with social injustices. This game challenges players to ask themselves, how close is our present day America to the fictional American 2049? How can we network both on and offline in order to prevent our world and country becoming this way?


  Compared to other violent and mind numbingly unintelligent games out there this is a definite a breath of fresh air for the online community. A smart, positive, and radically minded presence on a social networking site can do nothing but send posi vibes into the world. Next time you are tagging photos, updating your status or just lurking around on a strange Facebook page, check out America 2049 and get active!




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