Coco Rocha's Cinemagraphs - BUST

Model, Coco Rocha, a fan of tumblr and a blogger herself, recently came in contact with photographer, Jamie Beck, through Tumblr’s fashion director, Richard Tong. As a part of Tumblr’s fashion week collaborations, Coco and Jamie came together to create these gorgeous cinemagraphs, or as Coco describes them, “Beautiful images that are more than a photo, but not quite a video.” Wearing Oscar de la Renta and set in Coco's apartment the cinemagraphs give off a glamorous "feel like you're there" kind of vibe, which, in a way, is just one more facet of how fashion feels more accessible to the public. 

Obviously these photos are sort of glorified fancy gifs, but Coco acknowledges that by noting, “Of course the technology to create GIF’s has been around for decades but I believe its potential for both expression and impact, within the fashion world, has yet to be fully explored." So there ya go. In a world of rising social media, are sophisticated GIFs the future of fashion photography?

[Oh So Coco]