2011 Is The New 1997 - BUST

OK, seriously, what is happening? The nineties are back; at first I had my doubts about this becoming no bigger than some fair-weather trend. But, as of lately it appears that 2011 is the new 1997.  Several artist that were huge back in ye olde 97’ are releasing new albums that are surprisingly, killing it. One of which is, Da Brat. She is back with vengeance (braided hair aside) and collaborating with another 90’s mega-producer/rapper Jermaine Dupree and, they are ripping on Chris Brown. Hard.  Another musical act that I was surprised to hear about making a comeback is Soundgarden, the nineties “alternative” band just announced their summer tour and talk of a record or at the least some new recordings in the works. It has also been announced that the beloved children and pre-teen channel Nickelodeon with begin to air old episodes of classic shows such as Pete and Pete, Keenan and Kel, Rugrats and several others. Dig your flannels out of storage, reminisce of the Riot Grrrl era, tell yourself that one day you will move to Olympia and prepare to immerse in the decade that just won’t quit.






Tags: Flannel , Da Brat , 1997