Spring Back, Sleep More!


Don't forget, folks: Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday, November 4th, at 2:00 AM. Set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night and enjoy sixty more minutes of the weekend. Awesome sauce!

Here's what BUST staffers are doing with their extra hour:

Creative Director Laurie Henzel: "I plan on trying to volunteer." (For more info on volunteering click here.)

Intern Maggie Carr: "Enjoying the heck out of that extra hour of sleep. I'm gonna need it for election week."

Senior Designer Lan Truong: "I'll be hanging out with this cat. I'll also start my list of who to send holiday cards to."

Intern Charlotte Dow: "I'd like to say that I'll be doing something productive like writing or knitting my winter wardrobe, but I'll probably be Tumblin'."

Intern Erika Smith: "No matter what I plan to do, I know I'll end up sleeping through it!"

What are you gonna do with your hour? Tell us! Tell us!

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