We've all been there - you slept through the alarm that gave you time to shower, then the alarm that gave you time wash your face, then the alarm that gave you time to change your underwear before throwing on whatever's on the floor by your bed before you grab your mascara and bolt out the door.

Yup, worst morning ever. So now you're on  your way to work/class/anything and you have to scramble to look like an actual human for a number of hours.

Here are some super easy hair DIY's to help a girl out. These tricks are mostly shown with ladies with long hair, but I'm sure some simple changes could make them applicable to shorter hair too!

Tuck your bun into the headband you found at the bottom of your bag for a beach bum look: 

No hair tie? No problem: 

Gotta look super professional? You're only one loop-and-pull away:

Feeling like a fairy? Just tuck and cover: 

Just stop into a drug store for an enormous bobby pin, or use a pen in a pinch: 

Incase you already did that double-ponytail-twist this week, you can braid it this time: 

Spruce up your dingy hair with a clip:

These are the most simple of the hacks, but hop over to BuzzFeed to check out some more! 

Thanks to BuzzFeed!

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