Siri is a Real Person?!

Questions have become answers! In a sitdown with CNN, supercool voice actress Susan Bennett talks about what it’s like to be telling the 25% of the population who own iPhones (that's 78 million people, yo) if it’s going to rain or where they can buy pizza. That's right: She's Siri.

Bennett recorded the Siri voice all the way back in July 2005. At the time, she had “no idea where [it] would end up.” She didn’t even hear herself on the iPhone until a friend called and said “Isn’t this you?” Talk about the opposite of a diva. If I was the voice of Siri, I wouldn't be writing this because I would be too busy sitting in a locked room asking my iPhone existential questions.

This isn’t the first time Bennett’s voice has been used en masse, though: She was also the voice of “Tillie the All Time Teller” – one of the first ATMs in the 1970s.

But why let me talk about it? Listen to Siri--Err, I mean, Susan Bennett herself tell you more in the interview below:


Thanks to TIME.

Image via Paste Magazine.

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