Dirty Dolls Lingerie

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About Dirty Dolls Lingerie

Inspired by the vintage under-things worn by burlesque stars of the 1920s, Dirty Dolls Lingerie is bringing glamour back into the everyday.

Critics from coast-to-coast have acclaimed Dirty Dolls Lingerie. The first media outlet to offer praise was Daily Candy, the Bible of online style with over 2.5 million subscribers. Word then spread to Time Out New York, Metro, and Go Magazine, which touted Dirty Dolls’ bras as a must-buy for Valentine’s Day 2009. The founders were also featured in Inked Magazine, which hailed them for creating “glamorous lingerie that evokes that burlesque star in every woman.”Most recently, Dirty Dolls Lingerie’s Curvaceous Cleavage brassiere and Smooth Her Tap Pant were featured in Bust Magazine’s Valentine’s Day issue. Among the fans who agree with all this praise is pop star Katy Perry, who absolutely adores her Dirty Dolls bras and panties.

Dirty Dolls Lingerie was founded in November of 2008 by Courtney Leigh Newman and Erica Rosalind Paul, two veteran fashion designers known to their loyal customers simply as “The Dolls.” The company’s core mission is to provide gorgeous, perfectly fitted brassieres, panties, and shapers to women who wear hard-to-find sizes. The Dolls themselves are among the millions of ladies who’ve long been frustrated by the dearth of great bras available to those blessed with sexy curves.

Dirty Dolls Lingerie is a socially and environmentally conscious company that aims to provide its clients with stellar service and perfectly fitted brassieres. Though our target customer is any woman who cherishes fine lingerie, we specialize in catering to the needs of voluptuous women. These fabulous women are underserved by today’s lingerie market, which fails to offer sexy and elegant intimates in their sizes. Dirty Dolls recognizes that curvaceous women deserve lingerie that fits perfectly and helps them feel alluring and powerful. We are every woman’s go-to source for at-home lingerie parties. We travel from coast to coast in the quest to support our Dirty Dolls.

The company also takes an active role in global women’s issues, by lending our financial and creative support to an array of vital causes. We understand the importance of ethical business practices and are committed to selling products that are made in a responsible manner; all stakeholders in the manufacturing process deserve to be properly compensated for their contribution. By supporting the burgeoning market in ethical fashion, our company contributes to a more sustainable future for all the beautiful Dirty Dolls of the world, as well for their loved ones.