Your Battery Operated Boyfriend

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Due to the popularity of the internet, there has been an explosion in the growth and development of the sex toy industry. This is a good thing. Anyone can simply search online and find their next favorite toy, without the hassle and embarrassment of buying them "over the counter". But with this change, we have found one thing missing, where are the sites that encourage customers to review products, exchange ideas and speak openly about their experiences? This is what we do at

Let's face it, between rabbits, bullets, dildos, sex swings etc. one can get a bit overwhelmed. We want to provide you, our customer, with enough information to make an informed purchase. This will help in guaranteeing your satisfaction. And remember, you are not just a customer at You are a member of our website and as such, are encouraged to let us know how you feel. Also, as a member you will be entitled to monthly discounts, information on the latest technology, products and developments in the industry.

Please feel free to tell us what you think of our site from the layout, product content and ease of use. Also, any product reviews will be promptly posted to help future members in their quest for the "earth shattering experiences" that are just a click away. We also donate portions of our proceeds to the breast cancer research fund!