The Sex Olympics? Five Ways to Spend Olympic Condom Funds

Olympians aren't just great at setting athletic records. This year, they'll all take home the gold. The gold magnum, that is. 

At the London 2012 Olympics, a record number of condoms will be distributed to the men and women of the Olympic village. That's fifteen condoms per person, courtesy of Durex. I actually feel like the Olympians might have more sex than that. They are, after all, the world's physical best, so they have to be doing something right in the bedroom.


At five cents a condom, that would be a grand total of $7,500. Here's a couple other things the Olympics could do with that cash. 

1) Have 10 more gold medals made. This year, the medals are made entirely out of gold, costing about $706 at market value. They're also pretty hefty, equivalent to the weight of a can of beans- around your neck.

2) Fly 9 lucky people to and from the Olympics. The cheapest flight I found (not factoring in the dates, for which I'm sure the cost is inflated) was $800. So instead of a lot of sex, a couple people could catch the events. Doesn't sound like a fair trade to me. 

3) Buy 110 Louis Vuitton condoms. The luxury brand condom comes in at $68. If they wanted the Olympians to do it in style, they'd have to shell out ten million dollars. 

5) Feed Michael Phelps for 250 days. Since the Olympic swimmer famous for his daily consumption is rumored to eat 12,000 calories a day, if they wanted him to survive on McDonalds dollar menu McDoubles (390 calories), they could afford to fuel him for 250 days exactly. No calculation on how many condoms he would need to have enough sex to burn that many calories, though.

(Images courtesy Louis Vuitton, Morethanthegames.co.uk, and Getty Images

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