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Much is made about the differences in political parties, but how does that translate to bedroom politics? Babeland surveyed its customers a few years ago and made some fascinating discoveries about the preferences by political party:

Symbolic? When it comes to kinky play, these are the toys each party wants to try:

Who’s the Boss?

  • 20% of Democratic women vs. 13% of Republican women say they are more dominant in the bedroom than their partners.

Who reported having the most orgasms while reading the erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey

  • 10 or more orgasms: Republicans
  • 6-9 orgasms: Independents
  • 2-5 orgasms: Democrats
  • 1 orgasm: Libertarians

 Check out even more interesting results in the infographic below:

blnd partylines infog sm

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