Is that a list in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? Irony has rooted itself in our culture, and now it's taken hold of our sex lives.

Dating and sex can be awkward for everyone, but a little determination goes a long way. It's best to be pragmatic about these things. The world, and the internet currently attempting to swallow it whole, is full of misinformation, theories, and most of all, lists.

The sex tips in beauty magazines usually end up more boardroom than bedroom. It's worth wondering how much good sex we might be having if we talked to our partners instead of listening to media. In an age where compact is king and short is sweet, do we really want sex list-ified?

What's a do-it-yourselfer with a good head on her shoulders to do? Maybe it's not that sex needs to be listy-er, maybe lists need to be sexier. Use these sassy sex tips and you won't end up looking like a sad emoji.


These tips are even available for download here so you can pass them around to all your FWBs.

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