Someone Paid 6k For a Lock of Mick Jagger's Hair


For some, Mick Jagger is the epitome of raw male sensuality. When I was little, my dad told me a story that perfectly captures America’s fetishization of the legendary rock star: in the 1970s, a friend of a friend made it her goal in life to have sex with Mick, but when she finally did, she was disappointed that he was not the pinnacle of sexual prowess. “He was good, but he wasn’t ‘Mick Jagger good,’” she explained. She simply refused to accept that Mick Jagger was maybe not the most skilled lover she had ever been with, asserting that he was still the icon of masculine sex appeal against which to compare all others. 



Apparently, Jagger’s sex status symbol endures into his seventies: Reuters recently reported that a lock of his hair sold at a charity auction run by Bonhams auction house. To be specific, it sold for a whopping $6,000. Hair, a symbol of fertility, is often representative of an individual’s sexual essence, and Jagger’s former girlfriend Chrissie Shimpton seized the opportunity to sell the lock, which comes in an envelope labeled, "Mick Jagger's hair after being washed + trimmed by Chris at Rose Hill Farm."


I have no idea what the hair will be used for, but I can only hope it was worth its price! Hopefully many will benefit from the money, which has been donated to Changing Faces, a charity that helps those suffering from facial injuries. What would you pay for a lock of your favorite star’s hair?


Thanks to Reuters

Image via Mick Jagger


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