David Gandy for Dolce & Gabbana


The fight against unrealistic body expectations spawned from airbrushed models on billboards has been going strong for years. The “Dove Real Beauty” campaign showcases women of all shapes, colors, and sizes in their underwear, proving that real beauty comes in all forms. Yet as far as it goes, men haven’t been given the same real life role models. Instead, they’ve been blasted with campaigns like David Beckham for H&M, advertising the pro-athlete’s impossibly muscular body more than the underwear he’s supposedly selling.

Recently, a few brave readers of Britain’s Sun stripped down to their skivvies and recreated four underwear campaign photos. The result? Real men wearing a real product, providing more realistic body expectations for men of all shapes and sizes (although I do wish they had included a little more diversity, both in size and color).

Hats (or clothes) off to these gents—they are not only brave, but also seem to have a great sense of humor:


David Beckham for H&M


Freddie Ljungberg for Calvin Klein

 Christiano Ronaldo for Armani

Thanks to The Sun, Yoodot

Images courtesy of Yoodot



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