20 Male Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Ridiculously Hot, Once

There's nothing like plot twist hotness. You know what we mean: like seeing Pornstache sans stache or flipping through the "he'll never have a girlfriend" meme, there's a sick thrill from watching people morph from blah to babe. And while I'm personally attracted to older men (like I'm gearing to be some ex-grunge musician's third wife some day) we've collected shots of celebs in their prime looking surprisingly smoking.  

Disclaimer: we fully acknowledge that what we have ahead is some blatant male sexual objectification, which kinda conflicts with our usual ethics. If this offends you, then allow me to offer you this convincing justification: Come on. Come on

Also, for one time only, I'm going to have to immerse myself into full creep mode (I'm twirling my pencil mustache right now.) So excuse the sleazy commentary, and take this all with a grain of salt. 


1. Ozzy Osbourne

My dad shelled out $89 dollars to see Black Sabbath this weekend. I would've too, if he still looked like this.

2. Al Gore

You gotta love a clean shaven man.

3. Henry Fonda

He's giving off a hot, beardless Lincoln vibe here, if you're into that kind of thing.

4. Alice Cooper

I'm into Alice Cooper at any age, tbh. Skinny, dark haired, master of gore-tastic horror performances...definitely my type.

5.  Barack Obama

Oh, hello there, Mr. President.

6. Clint Eastwood


Well. I'm feeling lucky.

7. Christopher Walken


Needs more cowbell. And less clothing.

8. Drew Carrey 

Can't even mentally process this one. 

9. Michael Stipe

And look at all the HAIR he had!

10. Sean Connery

AW! The OG James Bond made such an adorable lad!

11. Steve Jobs

"He has the face of like an old-timey criminal...No, he looks like Peter Pan." But srsly, I'd buy into the Apple stock.

12. Neil Gaiman

That awkward moment when young Neil Gaiman could easily double for half of my old boyfriends.

13. Hunter S. Thompson

Fear and Loathing in Babe City.

14. Andy Warhol

Rocking sort of a pre-Morrissey Morrissey quiff there. I dig it. 

15. John McCain

And because attractiveness is apolitical, we're gonna finish off with a bunch of secretly hot politicians.

16. Mitt Romney

17.  Gerald Ford

18. James Garfield

"The new Spiderman?" I thought. But no, this is our 20th president, apparently.

19. Theodore Roosevelt

20. Chris Christie

LOL OMG WUT. As the office's obligatory trashy New Jerseyian blog editor, I feel like this one was just for me. Damn.

Alright, BUSTies, what do you think? Of course attractiveness is subjective, so do you think we made any bad calls? Who have we left off the list? Or are you just horrified that BUST has now morphed into Cosmo? (Don't be, we'll be back to smashing the patriarchy in like a baby minute.)

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to include pictures!

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