So You Wanna Print Your Own Dildo...

I'm still not over 3D Printing being a thing. I've seen it in action once before, when my friend asked for an octopus with a top hat during a demonstration at Macaulay Honors College. Even so, I still forget that I live in a world where I can literally print almost anything...however, this isn't good news for every industry. The sex toy market is particularly anxious. That's right: 3D Printing offers the possibility of printing your own dildo, without the awkwardness of going to the store and making forced eye contact with the cashier (...though we all know they've seen and heard it all before.)

Pink Rocket, an inexpensive online sex toy retailer, has designed a fun infographic (but this is redundant; all infographics are fun) detailing exactly what 3D Printing could mean for the sex toy industry. According to this chart, it's not all bad; 3D printing might provide new and exciting ways for industry professionals to develop their designs. 

Now, before you rush off to print a dildo, have a look at the info below. We don't want you running into any trouble…

Infographic courtesy of Pinkrocket.co.uk

Image courtesy of Apparata.nl

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