BUST Craftacular's Primped: FAQ



If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please read the entire FAQ before starting your application--even if you have been a vendor at past BUST Craftacular events. We have changed some of our policies regarding booth sharing and payment as of January 1, 2013.


What is BUST Craftacular’s Primped?

BUST Craftacular’s Primped is a fashion and beauty fair for stylish rebels. We'll be featuring over 90 vendors of unique, vintage, and handmade fashion and beauty products from the five boroughs and beyond.

It's more than an indie shopping mecca, though - it's an interactive, all-day event featuring free and low-cost style and beauty tutorials, cocktails, snacks, live music, and plenty of space to chill with friends.

BUST Craftacular’s Primped is brought to you by the same team as the BUST Craftacular, NYC’s original indie handmade market.


When and where will BUST Craftacular’s Primped take place?

BUST Craftacular’s Primped will take place on Sunday, May 4th at Brooklyn Bazaar (165 Banker St., Brooklyn, NY 11222). It is closest to the Nassau Avenue G stop and a short walk from the Bedford Avenue L stop. Primped will be open to shoppers from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


How do I apply to be a vendor? When do I find out if I’ve been accepted?

Apply here (but please read this FAQ in its entirety first.)

The application period opens on Friday, February 21 and closes on Wednesday, April 2. Vendors will be notified by email of their acceptance status on Friday, April 4.


How will vendors be determined? What kind of vendors do you accept?

Due to space limitations, vendors will be selected by the BUST Craftacular staff on the basis of quality and uniqueness of their wares, as well as to bring together a broad variety of products. Please note that we are only accepting vendors from the following categories for this particular event:

Bath and body
Handmade clothing and accessories (both men’s and women’s)
Vintage clothing and accessories (both men’s and women’s)
Food (pre-made/packaged AND prepared on-site)
Hair care
Hats and headwear
Lingerie (handmade and vintage)
Nail care
Vintage vinyl and tapes
Vintage patterns and sewing supplies

If you have any questions about whether your products are a fit for BUST Craftacular’s Primped, please email the Craftacular team (craftacular@bust.com).

If you are a mobile/roving vendor or food truck, please contact Maggie Carr, BUST Craftacular Coordinator (craftacular@bust.com), for pricing and parking availability.


What type of booths/tables will be provided?

We are offering three booth sizes at BUST Craftacular’s Primped:

A full space (6’ wide)
A super-space (8’ wide)
A shared space (3’ wide)

We suggest that vendors with clothing racks and additional stands/tables apply for a super-space (8’ wide), as this will give you a little more display room.

All booths are approximately 6’ deep and will have a small amount of space on each side to get out from around your table.


Are tables and chairs provided?

No. If you need to rent a table and chairs, please indicate it on the application form.

Full-table (6’) rentals are $15 and include a 6’ table and two chairs. Half-table (3’) rentals are $7 and cover your half of a 6’ rented table as well as one chair.

Tables and chairs come as a package and will not be rented separately.


Can I share a booth?

You can certainly share a booth with another vendor! Please note that each vendor must apply separately and will be juried as individuals.

To apply for a shared table, please select the "half booth" (3’) option on the application. You will then be prompted to indicate whether you need BUST Craftacular staff to match you up with another vendor. If you know who you’d like to share with, you will then be prompted to enter their name.


What are the booth/table fees for BUST Craftacular’s Primped?

Booth fees are as follows:

One shared booth (3’): $130
One full booth (6’): $210
One full-plus booth (8’): $270

Please see above for what is included in your booth fee.

If you are interested in an extra booth space, please email the BUST Craftacular team (craftacular@bust.com) with this request once you’ve submitted your application. All extra booth spaces will be priced as listed above, less the $20 application fee. (For example, if you applied for a 6’ space and would like to expand to 12’, you would need to pay an extra $190.) Extra booth spaces are not guaranteed until paid in full.

If you are interested in a food truck parking space or alternative vending arrangement (i.e. a cart or roving setup), please contact Maggie Carr, BUST Craftacular Coordinator (craftacular@bust.com) for pricing and availability.


How do I pay my booth fee? Is there an application fee?

You will be prompted to pay your booth fee by credit card or PayPal at the end of the application. You must pay this booth fee in its entirety in order for your application to be considered.

A one-time, non-refundable $20 application fee is included in your booth fee; it does not need to be paid separately.


When will I be notified of my acceptance status?

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by email on Friday, April 4.


What if I'm not accepted?

If you aren’t accepted to BUST Craftacular’s Primped, you will be refunded your booth fee (and table rental fee, as applicable) on Monday, April 7.

Some vendors will not be accepted initially due to space limitations; they will be placed on our waiting list. If you elect not to stay on the waiting list or we are unable to take you off the waiting list before the event, your booth fee (and table rental fee, as applicable) will be refunded in full. You are welcome to stay on the waiting list as long as you like.

All refunds will be processed less the non-refundable $20 application fee.

Also, please note that once you accept a vendor spot at BUST Craftacular’s Primped, all of our standard refund policies and deadlines apply (see below).


What if I have to drop out of the Craftacular?

We understand that life is unpredictable, and as such, we have a refund policy in place. Once accepted to the BUST Spring Craftacular, you have until Monday, April 14 to cancel and receive a full refund of your booth fee (and table rental fee, as applicable). If you need to cancel after that, you are eligible to receive a 50% refund until Wednesday, April 23. After that date, no refunds will be given.

All refunds will be processed less the non-refundable $20 application fee.


Is electricity provided?

Yes. Because the venue does not have natural light, we advise that vendors bring their own light sources; all bulbs must be 60 watts or less. All vendors are responsible for providing and securing their own power strips and extension cords. If you have electricity needs above and beyond a standard outlet (i.e. high-voltage outlets for cooking), please inform the BUST Craftacular team ASAP after submitting your application. Vendors will be invoiced for additional outlets/tie-ins at cost.


Is wi-fi provided?

Yes. We strongly suggest that vendors come prepared with a non-wireless-based payment system in the unlikely event of a wi-fi malfunction.


Do I need a vendor’s permit to sell at BUST Craftacular’s Primped?

Yes: New York State requires that all vendors who accept cash transactions register for a Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax. All accepted vendors will be required to provide BUST with a copy of a valid Certificate of Authority or their sales tax ID number upon request.

If you don't already have a valid NYS Certificate of Authority, you can apply for it online. or renew your expired certificate by calling the Sales Tax Information center. Please allow at least 20 days for this application process to go through; we strongly suggest starting this process immediately after completing the Craftacular application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website and customer service department before contacting craftacular@bust.com with any additional inquiries.


How will BUST Craftacular’s Primped be promoted?

We employ a professional PR firm to promote each of our BUST Craftacular events. Additionally, we promote the event with advertising placement on craft websites and blogs, listings in local press, and email blasts to local and national mailing lists--as well as good old-fashioned postcards and posters. BUST will also provide promotional banners and graphics for vendors and fans to use on their online shops and portfolios.


Where can I find a list of vendors for this event?

A list of vendors will be posted on the BUST Craftacular’s Primped website in mid-March. Accepted vendors will be invited to submit a logo image for this page; the Craftacular team will send image specs in early March.


How can I help?

We love and welcome volunteers! If you're interested in spreading the word about BUST Craftacular’s Primped, would like to help the BUST team with behind-the-scenes operations on the day of the event, or are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please email Maggie Carr, BUST Craftacular Coordinator, at craftacular@bust.com.


I'd like to promote my product, business, or brand at BUST Craftacular’s Primped. How can I do that? Can I give away my flyers at your event? Can I insert my products into the goodie bags?

We're always looking for like-minded companies to participate as sponsors and partners in BUST Craftacular events--whether this is through product demos, placement in our 300+ swag bags, sponsored DIY lounges, banners...the possibilities are endless! For more information, contact Maggie Tam Clark at maggietamclark@bust.com.

If you have any additional questions about BUST Craftacular’s Primped or the application process, please email the BUST Craftacular team at craftacular@bust.com. Happy crafting!