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I sew! As much as I can (time is the limit). Old and new (which is the title of my blog). I sew using vintage patterns, I design my own clothes, and sometimes I actually take care of my existing clothes, to make them live longer. And then I blog it. Welco ...



This blogger shares knitting, crochet, crafts, sewing, gardening, and cooking ideas.

Artsy Avenue


We are an online art community for all those that love to create. Membership is free and we encourage members to be active in our groups and forums. We have monthly challenges and update our blog regularly. We also offer free art demonstrations, an online ...


Belly's Button


I'm a translator and all-around person of words, recently discovering my passion for the visual. In my blog I discuss mostly sewing and drafting, interior design, literature, feminism and body image and fashion.

Buttons and Birdcages


A vintage inspired personal style, crafting, and travel blog

Coffee Talks & Cat Walks


A Blog about Two Loves: Coffee and Fashion...& Anything Else That Tickles My Fancy!

Crafty Pirate


A craft blog about all the cute stuff I make, plus some extras...


Goldy Fox Designs


Blog, Shop, and Portfolio dedicated to design aesthetics, love, life, and fashion.

i am foxy and crafty.


I craft things, wear things, and photograph things, among other things. I work full-time and attend graduate school full-time, but in between I enjoy reading about, writing about, and attempting to sew fashionable things. I am also pretty clumsy and occas ...

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It's Your Life presents...


a blog of insanity and self promotion! *http://itsyourlifeshop.com*




My blog for crafty nonsense. Mostly pics and updates on my WIPs, stuff about my kids, my baking mishaps, updates on my Etsy shop, free cross stitch and embroidery patterns, showing off my finished stitching and knitting...if it ever gets done!


MASHULU by Artina


MASHULU bags are individually hand-made with practical details and simple shapes, allowing for fabrics and individual embellishments to take center stage. No bag is made exactly the same way more than once, giving customers the feeling of having a functio ...

Pretty Crafty Bitch


This is a blog for the creatively restless types out there who enjoy sewing, making art, music, vintage, fashion, cooking, gardening, and love of creatures big and small. The theme is vintage bordello with a hint of twee and a sprinkle of whimsy.


Sew Curvy Corset Kits


Ever wanted to be laced into the perfect bespoke corset, made just for you? Look no further. Here you will find a range of kits which contain all the parts you need to make a deliciously curvy corset. There is even a kit for a mans corset. With hints, ...

Stitch Nerd Custom Shop


Custom Handcrafted Tailor's Pressing Hams and Seam Rolls by Stitch Nerd You can have custom, high quality, handmade pressing aids made with the fabric of your choice! Every piece is designed and handcrafted by me (Sonia) using the sewing and crafting s ...

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Take crafty classes and more at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn!


3rd Ward is a member-based design center that, beyond offering a dozen different jewelry courses and housing the beginnings of a fully outfitted jewelry studio, has a wood and metal shop, photo studios, a professional digital media lab, work space and mor ...


Tanky's Store - Prints and Jewellery for Crafty Ladies


As an illustrator based in the fairytale wilds of the East of the UK I have a wee litle shop where I sell beautiful prints and craft inspired jewellery... Be lovely to see you if you can stop by!

The Bobbin Sew Bar + Craft Lounge, LLC


A mama owned and operated textile recycling studio.

Thimbletop (Hand-Embroidered Housewares)


Thimbletop is the place to find unique hand-embroidered pillows and coasters that never take themselves too seriously.I learned to sew when I was about nine years old and my mother first taught me how to sew a basic rectangular pillow. When I was ready to ...

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Unanimous Craft - A directory of indie business resourc...


Unanimous Craft is a taggable, searchable directory of indie business resources. You can browse for inspirational indie blogs, find advice on how to use Twitter and Facebook for social networking, get downloadable accounting spreadsheets, find boutiques w ...

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