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Jewelry for the Modern Bohemian


Soulbound Designs creates unique, one of a kind earrings, necklaces and bracelets for gypsies, hippy chicks, voodoo priestesses, free spirits, witchy women, rockers and fashionistas with a penchant for the unusual and edgy.


Little Maison


I ♥ home design, fashion, accessories, vintage finds, photography, art and more! Event planner by day - blogger of dreamy interiors and fashion by night. Long Island City, Queens resident. Lots happening in my neighborhood to report about too! Daily b ...



What better way to say "I Less Than Three You" than with a <3 Ring? Or earrings, or a bracelet... All 100% handmade by a girl and her torch. I also only use eco-friendly recycled metals in my work. Yay!


NEW Team-Zebra Funky Earrings Weird Funky Costume Jewel...


Team-Zebra offers the most ginormous selection of fun novelty earrings & fresh funky discount jewelry for LESS! Look here for NEW funky earrings & fabulously unique & different jewelry accessory items just added to Team-Zebra store... Always somet ...

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I make everything from handcrafted jewelry to embellished notebooks and greeting cards! I love working with different types of media and seeing where my hands take me! No two pieces that I make are exactly alike, and all are originals! I also have a lo ...


Pashu and Tama


Based in Los Angeles, Pashu and Tama is all about hand made, unique and beautiful objects to adorn yourself with. Items include necklaces, bracelets and earrings with lots of vintage components.


Savage Kitten


Etsy site for all Savage Kitten imaginations for purchase. From art to guys and gals tees and cupcake, flower and birdy pins. Savage Kitten has the goods for all discerning cats and kittens.

Savage Kitten


A blog to display my latest imaginations. SK likes to daydream and think of fairytales, tactile materials, poetry and kittens. Twilight is my favourite time of day and usually when I am at my most creative. I love to listen to music while I create and t ...


Scarlett Designer Handmade Jewelry


Scarlett designer handmade gemstone jewelry, features faceted gemstones and intricate wire wrapped metalwork. Designer Melanie Rawding handcrafts each piece of artisan jewelry in her Boston, MA studio.


SM Charming Gifts


Handmade beaded jewelry, gifts and custom design service.


SoCoDivka Designs


SoCoDivka Designs offers a line of one-of-a-kind and very limited edition, handmade jewelry made from antique, heirloom, estate, and vintage materials (as well as modern and vintage-inspired finds) -- inspired by mid-century modern, ’50s Lucite/Bakelite/C ...


spaced between accessories and more


A New Zealand site where you can find unique crafts, art objects and up-cycled clothing, embroidered portraits, hand-made cards... My interests take my crafting along varied paths, and you can find a wide array of interesting items here!



All sorts of unique accessories: upcycled materials like buttons for necklaces, bracelets, rings/hairties, book and LP cover purses, pins/brooches, cards, garments, baby clothes, whatever strikes our fancy, really. Handmade in New Zealand, home of the Fli ...



Celebrate the opening of our new www.TEAM-ZEBRA.com web-store, offering nearly 2,000 different funky earrings and funky costume jewelry styles! To welcome 1st-time buyers, we are offering a one-time discount 15% off any size order. Plus FREE Shipping with ...


TEAM-ZEBRA Unique Funky Earrings & Funky Costume Jewelr...


Well, obviously we're very crafty... (Hee...hee...) Shop www.TEAM-ZEBRA.com for a GINORMOUS selection of unique DIY funky costume jewelry & handcrafted custom kitsh funky earrings. Lowest prices on the planet! ***FREE SHIPPING Worldwide for orders o ...

TEAM-ZEBRA.com Unique Funky DIY Earrings & Punk Indie C...


Well, obviously we're very crafty... (Hee...hee...) Shop TEAM-ZEBRA.com for a GINORMOUS selection of unique funky DIY costume jewelry & handcrafted custom kitsh earrings. Lowest prices on the planet! ------------------------------------------ ***FR ...


Tiny Stud Earrings


Tiny Stud earrings made by Shana Astrachan in San Francisco, California www.tinystuds.com www.shanaastrachan.com etsy- http://shanaastrachan.etsy.com blog- http://shanaastrachan.blogspot.com facebook- http://www.facebook.com/ShanaAstrachanJewelry


Twin Mermaids Studio


Unique and inspired fine silver art jewelry by Tiffany A. Melin.


UltraVioletGlam Designs


Unique one of a kind jewelry with tons of color. A real fun shop for music fans with a playful twist. Made with love and care and heart and soul. The designs are usually inspired by the materials, music as well as everyday life.