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ArtXX Magazine


Art XX is an intervention and a fresh reaction to the often elitist world of art magazines that continues to ignore female, queer, trans, outsider, and non-white artists. In our quest to fill quite a large gap in the art publication business, we are attem ...


Black Heart Magazine


WANTED: Literary rebels, outlaws, blackguards, liars and scoundrels! Black Heart Magazine - fiction that breaks the rules.

DailyVenusDiva.com: Lifestyle Mag for Women with Curves


Daily Venus Diva is a plus size magazine where women of all ages can thrive in their curves. From topics regarding fashion to parenting, Daily Venus Diva believes that all facets of your life should be celebrated. Through daily content, look forward to ...

Category:Curvy Girls

Fat Quarter magazine


Fat Quarter magazine is a London-based women's site run by journalist Katie A. Set up in 2009, it's an alternative to the mainstream glossies, with features, interviews and reviews from the worlds of music, arts, craft, fashion, feminism, protest, politic ...


PoolBoy Magazine


PoolBoy is an independent adult lifestyle magazine for badass women. Porn for women who aren't afraid to educate, challenge, and indulge themselves. Created to help fill the gap (pun intended!) between the sorry assortment of adult visual material availa ...

Category:Erotica & Porn

The Pin Up Magazine


The Pin Up is a retro lifestyle and culture magazine featuring pin-up's, music, burlesque, tattoo's, hot rods, and shopping.

Category:Books & Media