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Anna Todaro


Anna Todaro's lovely paintings of colorful birds and beautiful ladies.

Bic Soleil ladies razors- a thing of the past


I just created my very first petition. I was shocked to see a poster on the subway about a month ago depicting a 1950s pinup style cartoon of long-legged woman bending over in the grocery store, her mini skirt riding higher in the back, with a confident s ...



Raise a glass and pass the mashed potatoes...thank goodness for ladies who rock! Join us for LADIES ROCK!SGIVING - a fun night of awesome female- fronted bands who will prove that sometimes the best man for the job is a woman! So come out and support yo ...

Naughty Rutty Accessories


Lifestyle Label hand making quirky and unique ladies accessories, bags and homewares.

Under The Root


hand-structuring custom, vintage-inspired, made to order :: lingerie, undergarments, undergear, and findlings for ladies and gents. designs and pieces use sustainable, repurposed, recycled, vintage materials.

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