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Sunshine and Merriment


The online playground of a single, stay-at-home, Asian blogger mom

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Superfumi Shop


Super cute jewellery, greeting cards and gift ideas

Take crafty classes and more at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn!


3rd Ward is a member-based design center that, beyond offering a dozen different jewelry courses and housing the beginnings of a fully outfitted jewelry studio, has a wood and metal shop, photo studios, a professional digital media lab, work space and mor ...


Tangerine Taiykai


Handmade kawaii jewelry and accessories inspired by japanese pop culture.


Tanky's Store - Prints and Jewellery for Crafty Ladies


As an illustrator based in the fairytale wilds of the East of the UK I have a wee litle shop where I sell beautiful prints and craft inspired jewellery... Be lovely to see you if you can stop by!

Tara Cuccia Photography


Hi, I have an existing listing, but need to change the title to the name above, as well as the URL. to http://web.me.com/taracphoto Thank you.


Tattered Rouge


Alternative fashion created by the designer in her studio. Wearable art, stage wear, costuming, runway. Highly creative and wow! Custom orders accepted.

Tea Please - unique indie kitsch jewelery


Kitsch, Unique & Indie Jewelery. Something new and different. www.teaplease.co.uk




Celebrate the opening of our new www.TEAM-ZEBRA.com web-store, offering nearly 2,000 different funky earrings and funky costume jewelry styles! To welcome 1st-time buyers, we are offering a one-time discount 15% off any size order. Plus FREE Shipping with ...


TEAM-ZEBRA Unique Funky Earrings & Funky Costume Jewelr...


Well, obviously we're very crafty... (Hee...hee...) Shop www.TEAM-ZEBRA.com for a GINORMOUS selection of unique DIY funky costume jewelry & handcrafted custom kitsh funky earrings. Lowest prices on the planet! ***FREE SHIPPING Worldwide for orders o ...

TEAM-ZEBRA.com Unique Funky DIY Earrings & Punk Indie C...


Well, obviously we're very crafty... (Hee...hee...) Shop TEAM-ZEBRA.com for a GINORMOUS selection of unique funky DIY costume jewelry & handcrafted custom kitsh earrings. Lowest prices on the planet! ------------------------------------------ ***FR ...


The Adventures of Shrinking Sah


The tale of a girl called Sah who wants to feel comfortable in her own skin - and the adventures she has on the way... A blog I started to document my personal weight loss journey.

The Glossy Project


The Glossy Project is a blog all about Glossies. What is it?, How do you create a Glossy?, lots of giveaways, tutorials, creative challenges and more. By artist/designer Alma Stoller


The Glossy Project


The Glossy Project is a blog all about Glossies....with lots of tutorials, giveaways, instructions and creative inspiration. By Alma Stoller

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The Waughdrobe


Handmade,One of a Kind and Custom Made, Hats, Jewelry, Tiaras & Hair Adornments by Kimberley Waugh for Weddings, Special Occasions, Everyday and Just Because! . FOR THE WOMAN WHO KNOWS THE FINISHING TOUCH IS EVERYTHING....

the wylde apothecary


The owner of this Wylde Apothecary creates wares from all kinds of delights foraged from this ancient forest along with herbs and flowers grown organically in my own garden-creating incense, spell bottles and charms.She also creates jewelry, not the prist ...

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The2SistersShoppe is an etsy store that sells an assortment of handmade items. We sell screen print & iron on shirts, commissioned art, jewelry, kindle covers, anime fan art, passport holder, etc. We design and make everything ourselves.

Torch Song Metals- Rad NY Girl Jeweler Duo


This independent shop is co-owned by 2 girls who create silver, gold, copper, and enamel jewelry by hand. Here at Torch Song Metals we take our sacred duties as Metalsmiths very seriously. We consider it an honor and a privilege to further this tradition ...