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This blogger shares knitting, crochet, crafts, sewing, gardening, and cooking ideas.

Art of the Firebird


Lampworked glass beads & wire jewelry, handmade in America

Art, Like Bread


Crafter with a blog. Crochet. Crafter Statement: Art is essential to life. It is food, water, air, and blood. It is everywhere. It is for everyone. This world is lush with color and lovinspiration. ARt, like bread, feeds the soul.

Category:Knit & Crochet



Sex-positive, feminist, civil rights blog. For all your most taboo subjects. Join the revolution. Spread the love.

Cynic's Happiness Catalogue


Here's our new blog. It's about cynics reclaiming the happiness discourse. Because it's been the hostage of the mindless self-help-industry for too long. We write about how lame that is. And about cynics' approved happy things. It's possible to be intel ...



sterling silver jewelry, leather accessories and clothing... made in montreal. antlers, cats, skulls, anchors...


Eve in Hand


Feminist-led Erotica and Porn, DIY, Health, Education, Humor, Essay

Category:Erotica & Porn

Geek Girls Guide


Our mission is to make web technology accessible and exciting and cultivate a movement of empowered women and men online by: * hosting safe, welcoming places to ask technology questions online and in real life * educating non-technical audiences on the p ...

Knot By Gran'ma


Eco-friendly crocheted monster art dolls and the occasional cat butt keychain or pug butt ornament thrown in for good measure. Original crochet patterns and jellyfish have also been seen lurking around the shop. Commissions are welcome.

Category:Knit & Crochet

Lumete Eyewear


Based in New York City, Lumete (pronounced ‘lou-met’) is an independent designer eyewear brand for women, by women. Lumete is devoted to creating innovative, fine-quality eyewear and eyewear accessories. Its debut collection of handmade sunglasses combine ...

Lunettes Vintage Glasses Online


I finally found the unique vintage glasses I was looking for! This shop has a large selection of glasses in every shape a size you'd want. They'll even send you a few pairs to try for free at home! Find the glasses that really suit your face -- and person ...

Nicole Georges p


An artist profile about Portland, OR based artist/graphic novelist Nicole Georges talking about the impetus behind her Queer Animal Calender.

Category:Comic Artists

NORMAL in Schools


NORMAL is a national nonprofit that educates about eating disorders (including binge eating disorder), the therapeutic impact of the arts, self-esteem, body image, family communication and healthy coping skills.

Suicidal No More: Living with Schizophrenia


This blog describes my life with Schizoaffective Disorder, formerly diagnosed as Schizophrenia. I am a feminist activist and an advocate for mental health awareness, insurance parity, and outreach to people who live with mental illnesses (also called cons ...

The BellaVie


An Autodidactic Guide to Education, DIY Living, and Travel




This piece started out as an adaptation of a very short story by Fernando Sorrentino called “There Is A Man in the Habit of Hitting Me Over the Head with an Umbrella”. I felt like the umbrella thwacking could be metaphorical for so many situations but r ...

Category:Indie Films

Why We Need Female Spiritual Leaders


Catholic priest Roy Bourgeois is facing excommunication because of he’s been agitating for the ordination of women. Here's why women are necessary at the top ranks of all religions.


Zentai Suits


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