Screaming Females' New Music Video: Zombies, Goths, And Cats! Oh My!


Screaming Females’ front lady Marissa Paternoster comes back from the dead (uh, literally) as a cat flesh eating zombie out for revenge in the Jersey-based punk band’s weird new music video for “Leave It All Up To Me.”  The video, which premiered on RollingStone.com, is meant to be a continuation of the playfully gory story started in the previous video for “It All Means Nothing,” where the two boys of the band kill Paternoster after discovering her taste for kitty meat.  


Sure, it’s a random, but it's a fun story line. It leads to a bunch of devoted gothic fans of Paternoster raising her out of the grave as walking dead via a witchy séance and helping her seek vengeance on her murderers (drummer Jarrett Dougherty and bassist King Mike.)  Does it get any more fun than that?! Ya'll need to check it out for yourself here.

Both these songs are off the New Brunswick band’s fifth full-length album Ugly, which was released last April on Don Giovani Records.  Lovers of dirty garage punk should most definitely give the Screaming Females a listen, particularly this last album, and enjoy the way Paternoster wales in a wide range of tones.

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