Sarah Palin is Eager to Meet a Triceratops

Ever want to meet a Parasaurolophus, Sauropoda, or a Triceratops? Satirical site The Daily Current, portrayed former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin claiming that dinosaurs could very well be in our future.  The “logic” is that as global warming bakes our planet, we should be expecting encounters with these “friends.” The article joked that she stated, "Personally, I can't wait to see what a triceratops looks like in real life."

Although their story is just a satire, Palin has shown quite a fascination with dinosaurs and had shared her imaginative views throughout the years.  This included believing that dinosaurs were alive 4000 years ago and even co-existed with humans. 

So as we've seen from Palin Logic in the past, it wouldn't be much of a stretch for her to think dinosaurs will eventually come back.

Illustration By Dre Grigoropol

Original article via The Daily Currant

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