Rachael Sage Plays a Kazoo and Dances on a Chair at Her Album Release Show

Rachael Sage performs at her album release party at Joe's Pub

Songstress Rachael Sage had a release show for her latest album, Haunted by You, this past weekend, and it was pretty great. In addition to the kazoo and chair dancing, feather boas and tap dancing were also present. Sage probably throws one hell of a house party.

Sage performed several songs off Haunted, hopping between piano and guitar throughout the show (her latest album is filled with her signature piano and guitar-driven pop songs). Album opener "Invisible Light" is sweet and sad and full of beautiful piano, while "Hey Nah" is cheery and sanguine.

Haunted (Sage's 10th album!) drops tomorrow. Head on over to her website to download one of the songs for free, a list of tour dates, and more.


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