Public Masturbation Is Okay Now?


In Sweden, it soon might be. It was a nice summer day on a Stockholm beach when an unfortunate gentleman, aged 65, got caught getting busy in the sand. Södertörn’s district court acquitted the man of sexual assault because he wasn’t masturbating to anyone in particular. Prosecutor Olof Vrethammar found the ruling fair and does not plan to appeal. 


No longer a form of assault in Sweden, public masturbation may still fall under the “disorderly conduct” umbrella, but only time will tell. TIME explains, “the ruling may serve as a precedent in Sweden, where some uncomfortable public exchanges may be imminent.” I would prefer people not masturbate in public, regardless of who or what they’re looking at, but I guess that’s a (very) personal thing. Would you be comfortable with public masturbation?


Thanks to TIME

Image via VH1

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