Helvetica- the most famous font in the world! - BUST

I recently went to see the documentary Helvetica, yes it's about a font, and no, it's not that boring. Shot beautifully, mostly of signs from around the world, the ubiquitous font shows up in just about every corner of the globe. Here we have a bunch of famous designer dudes talking about the history and thier love (and sometimes hatred) of the omnipresent letters. Just like in the design world, we barely see any women here, except two, the spunky and talented Paula Sher and the super smart author Leslie Savan. Despite this sausage fest, I really think the movie will inspire all kinds of people to think about graphic design and type as a true art form, and it certainly will become a design 101 classic in just about every art school. The film opens tomorrow, Sept. 12th

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